Sunday, June 04, 2006

Lambsbread's Zac Davis comes out at same time as Jared Leto

On Sunday June 4 Zac Davis, one of the guitarist of Delaware, Ohio's Lambsbread lashes out at John Olson (Wolf Eyes, Graveyards) for outting him on his recent tour with Hair Police and Graveyards. Zac posted today:

its not fucking cool to confess something to someone
you trust in private and have him blab to the world
about it.... olson dude, i told you in front of no one
else (except shane and kathy, but theve known for
years and wouldnt blab to anyone), and its total
bullshit you ran your mouth all over 1/4 of the
country about this shit... its something i've been
struggled with since i've been young, and its hard
shit to deal with.... you wouldnt fucking understand
what its like to live your whole life lying, just
thinking how youre a liar at all times, and no one
knows the real you, not even yourself cause you cant
let it out... everytime you have a thought about
another man its like 'fuck, im not supposed to think
like this', beat yourself up some more, just hating
yourself cause you feel so right about being so
wrong... this is tough shit, and now the world knows,
thanks to JO (jerk off/john olson) and his shitty loud
mouth... i thought you were a good friend, but i guess
i was wrong... having to deal with this on my own was
bad enough, but now thats its out in public, i feel
like i cant even deal..... thanks to all the people
who emailed and expressed support for me, and to the
people who said "i hope this makes him more peaceful";
i am working on it but its hard... thanks to all my
friends who know and care

Jared Leto recently came out saying he was "gay as a goose," but took it back soon after. Will Zac?


Anonymous said...

That's some funny shit right there. Zac and Jared could play chess.

Anonymous said...

Zac Davis is a ripoff scumbag

more details here:

Anonymous said...

im glad that jared aint gay!