Sunday, June 04, 2006

Queer Eyes? Dennis Tyfus outs John Olson

Dennis Tyfus outs John Olson in recent post:

"it's pretty weird john olson is saying it in such a gossipy way..
while on tour with wolf eyes in europe me and john shared a room a few
the first night john came in all sweating in his brown underpants saying,
"dennis i need to take a shower", i said ok and kept reading a circuit
bending magazine, when i looked up about 30 seconds later john was still
standing at the same place with that same weird look in his eyes.., i
neglected it and kept reading.
while he was taking a shower i've put out the light and tried to sleep.
i started sleeping but felt someone next to me in my small bed saying "oops
sorry" while falling onto me, followed by "...i guess".
i kept my eyes closed and pretended i was still asleep.. john went to his
own bed after 5 minutes.
i kept this for myself, but now that i see how he treads jack from lambsbed
i felt it's time to say it out loud..
sorry john"

i hope Tovah and John are not the "noise" tomkat. (Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes)

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