Thursday, July 20, 2006

Dan Hosker gets kicked off Curious Hair Tour

Miami, FL based Curious Hair did an East Coast Tour last month and left bandmate, Dan Hosker, in Providence, RI after a bitter feud over Nashville, TN DIB member Kate Kuss. Rumor has it Dan out-danced Jeff in a dance-off with Kate leaving the 2 at each others throats. Jeff was so furious he left Dan in Providence with his brother after the 2 had it out in a Burger King parking lot. An eye-witness said that Jeff was trying to apologize and make things right when Dan stood on his head against the van and refused to acknowledge him. The Laundry Room Squelchers picked him up when they reached the east coast and Dan was able to ride back to Miami with Rat Bastard. Dan used his standing on his head antics while performing with the Squelchers, unfortunately his trumpet was destroyed during a set because of this.


Anonymous said...

oh boy~ thats funny shit.

DikShuttle said...

Come BACK, Dan! We LOVE you!!!