Friday, July 21, 2006

Happy 35th Birthday to Laura Palmer!!!

Noisebloid founder, Leslie Keffer, is hosting the biggest social event of the summer in honor of the infamous Twin Peaks character. Max Eisenberg of Nautical Almanac fame (aka DJDogdick), Val Allen, and Door will perform at this exclusive event. The highlight of the evening will be America's favorite boyband, Tusco Terror. Weber Bergquist, a member of Tusco Terror, prevented the band from being able to do a weekend tour of Canada last month after authorities realized Weber was a felon. Weber apparently owed his dealer a significant amount of money so he conspired to kidnap Tovah Olson in an effort to extort ransom from John Olson of Wolf Eyes. When the attempt failed, Weber held John at gunpoint threatening to out him and his sham marriage if he didn't pay up. It seems Olson obliged his request and then turned him into the authorites.


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