Monday, September 18, 2006

Lambsbread Do Drugs on Tour Even Though Pete said “No Drugs in the Van”

Everyone knows Lambsbread loves to get high (on anything) and when the Magik Markers asked them to go on tour they thought they could keep them under control. They were wrong! Lambsbread would sneak behind rest areas and smoke joints. They would smoke when Pete wasn’t looking and often they would have to hold the smoke in until he walked past. Then they would laugh for hours at how uptight Nolan was.

And Are His Arms Really Short?

Zac Davis-Kelly is rumored to have been born with arms that are too short. He has to get custom made “short” guitars because he is unable to play regular size guitars.


steve said...

that still surprises me that THE spectre toke doesn't get his road chief on..

Anonymous said...

no smoke = honey slides..

zac davis said...

trevor is looking good in that pic man...... nice chest

Pete Nolan said...

Why you little fuckers! I'm coming to Delaware right now and kick some Lambs ass!