Friday, October 27, 2006

Extreme Animals Takeover San Diego Zoo

Extreme Animals have just signed a deal with San Diego Zoo to perform shows for zoo-goers that include rare and bizarre animals to teach people about the many different species on this planet. The shows will begin summer 2007. Cindy Johnson, founder of "Entertainment for Zoo!" the San Diego Zoo's own version of a live concert series, tells Noisebloid the show will include "bonobos, monkeys, pandas, hippos, giraffes, and other exotic animals." What kind of exotic animals? "Well, we are going to leave that a surprise, but I can assure you they will be 'extreme'!"

Emil Hagstrom Adopts

Cock E.S.P. member Emil Hagstrom has adopted a baby. According to an insider Hagstrom has "never been happier" and "can't wait to show Emilia off to the world." Noisebloid contacted the proud parent about getting some exclusive photos. "In time I will release photos, right now I want this baby to have as normal of a life as possible."

Monday, October 23, 2006

Look Alike of the Week

Spencer "The Chief" Yeh

Marat Bisengaliev

Matthew Wascovich to Write Lyrics for Jessica Simpson

Matthew Wascovich is a huge Jessica Simpson fan and now Simpson is a big fan of Wasco! Wascovich sent her a copy of his poetry book "Leo in the Garbage Can" and she fell in love with it! Simpson is planning on using some lines from one of his pieces titled "There are No Fathers in Heaven". (Rumor has it Simpson is pissed at manager/father Joe Simpson.) Wascovich can barely believe it himself, "Jessica is a very talented popstar. I am still flabbergasted she would even read something I sent her, let alone want to make it into song!" The song is scheduled for release summer 2007.

Got Milk?

John Olson of Wolf Eyes is the new poster boy for the Got Milk? ads. The ad will be in various magazines next month. Noisebloid was unable to get the full ad but an inside source says in the ad Olson claims, "You can't get guns like these and rock a gong like I do without milk!"

Monday, October 09, 2006

Some Drunk Bitches

After the Sonic Youth/16 Bitch Pile-Up/Skaters show in San Fransico last week the 16BPU girls got shit-faced! Shannon lost her eyelashes, Sarah Cathers cried when Kim dedicated a song to 16BPU, there was carpet-style mud wrestling, the Sarahs were making out and everyone was doing body shots! ( See picture of Shannon and Sarah B. above getting wasted on Maker's.)

This Week in Action News

Apparantly Matt Franco & Lexie Mountain have parted ways (probably because he shaved his head and now spends most of his time going to weddings, snorting coke and shaving his head). Luckily this happened just in time for High Zero Fest in Baltimore. Adam "Reggie Queequeg" Boysen was on a pimpin' streak when he made out with TWO GIRLS AT ONCE at the Post-Party. One was his girlfriend Jen, and the other Lexie Mountain! Way to score some hotties, Reggie!

Rubbed Raw

Max Eisenberg has been spending alot of time drawing pornographic pictures for a book to be released by Jackie-O-Motherfucker Tom Greenwood's new book imprint, masturbating and prank calling girls he has crushes on.

Look Alike of the Week

MAX SLEISENBERG aka Anal Jose Canseco
A.E. Paterra of Relapse Records Goblin-soundalikes ZOMBI

Friday, October 06, 2006

Aw, How Cute!

On their current fall tour Wolf Eyes have been catching up on their 80's television. According to their booking agent, Tom Windish, the Wolfies wanted a VCR in the van instead of a DVD player because they had some VHS tapes of the hit 80's cartoon, "My Little Pony". Mike Connelly even requested a MLP pillow which he recieved as a gift from a top fan of Wolf Eyes, Brian Moran, from West Bend, Wi. "I bid on the pillow on ebay and won! It is very exciting to know Mike will be drooling all over it after shows. Wolf Eyes is my favorite band, so it is kinda unbelievable to me." Moran said in a telephone interview with Noisebloid. When asked if he was Connelly's secret gay lover he said, " I'm not gay, but if I was I would want to be with Mike."

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Look Alike of the Week

Twig Harper or Donald Sutherland?

Couple Alert!!

Mike (Perpetual Amnesia) from the Land of Buried Treasure went on tour with Donna Parker because they ended up hooking up at some point when he was in Boston. According to the tip-off Mike and Parker had many sexual escapades as they traveled from city to city. At one of the shows they played they were "having a good time" on a sink in a bathroom and broke it. He ended up staying in Boston for a few weeks where she snagged him a modeling job for some catalogue.


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