Sunday, November 11, 2007

Kyle H Mabson Only Gets Laid Once on Tour, But Tongues Keffer in Murfreesboro

Leslie Keffer was overheard saying, "Kyle is a great kisser, I would have been his second, if I didn't have a boyfriend."


Anonymous said...

Tonsil Hockey with the Keffster is underrated -ask the Athens Hockey team!
Little girl is the Gene Simmons of shoegaze -she gave Steve Albini a Columbian Necktie- WHOA, what if she gave Gene Simmons a Columbian Necktie?
Nope you can't have it that phrase is ME!

Anonymous said...

oh, no wonder he said "nice to meet you" like he meant "get AWAY from Leslie".

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Oh i get it (finally) this is her way of saying "I fucked Kyle".
Noise needs porn, not your laptop.

mabson said...

i am awesome