Sunday, November 11, 2007

Rat Bastard Quits TLASILA because Tom Smith Smells Like Pee

On their last tour across America Rat decided he couldn't take it anymore, "I was like, c'mon man, you shower ten times a day, you're worse than those squelcher girls, and you still smell like stale piss."


Anonymous said...

drakkar noir or yello?

Tom said...

It's our new fragrance, "Pink Eye," available at CVS and Other Music now!



Anonymous said...

If seal urine is anointed by the inuit why can't Om get into it?

Anonymous said...

"He's soaking it it!"

New ad campaign proposal for the next Shave opus.

disturbed by foto said...

it appears rat is trying to slip a finger in tom's ass, which would allow for the former's look of ecstatic delirium and the latter's pained expression. no, wait, tom always looks that way when he sings! but where is rat bastard's hand?

4 out of 5 doctors said...

ratbastard=wax replica, hand up misty/tom puppets, own head up own arse.

Big'un said...

Don't say that about RAT!!!
I'm friends with W-K!!

not true..(sulk)..
he won't even introduce himself when covering for me.

Anonymous said...

is that lindsey or leslie? hrrrrm