Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Pigs In The Ground Videos!!!!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

This Dude is a Fucking TOOL

Suzy from Pod Blotz Gets Her Face Punched In By The Girl In Head Molt During INC Squelcher Set

We heard it happened.... what did YOU hear??

update: we heard it might have just been some random person...

Latest Noise Videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Naomi Elizabeth - Valentine

Unicorn Hard-on - HELLEBORE

INC '08 Marks One Year Anniversary of Nomadic Menstration

Last February in Sarasota, Fl at a post-INC show, a self-proclaimed Bjork sound alike college girl from Florida New College was at a Noise Nomads show. She came because she claimed to be so prolific at singing that Jeremy from Lazy Magnet who was also on the bill asked her to come and sing in his band. She came, watched Noise Nomads and had to leave after his set. She told Noisebloid, "I have to go, that music made me start my period."

Back in the Day When Tom Smith and Graham Moore Experimented...with Being Gay

One time a long time ago Tom Smith tried to suck Graham Moore's dick. "His moves sucked. I was like, "I'm not a chick, dude." But he was persistant. I mean I couldn't get hard from Tom. So he just jerked off in a corner, it was sad really." Tom Smith claims he did in fact get Graham into bed and that he couldn't get hard. Moore claims, "That's ridiculous. I mean, come on. Seriously."

Twig and Carly to Wed Summer 2008

They are against marriage but who cares they are doing it anyway. "We will still have orgies on the couch and hook up with new, hot, exciting people but its time we really redefine the meaning of marriage. This is pure anarchy. Think about it." Carly Ptak told Noisebloid on the phone. "I mean I never wanted to be like those Michigan people. We won't have babies or anything, that's just tacky. We are going to be role models for the future of marriage."