Monday, February 25, 2008

INC '08 Marks One Year Anniversary of Nomadic Menstration

Last February in Sarasota, Fl at a post-INC show, a self-proclaimed Bjork sound alike college girl from Florida New College was at a Noise Nomads show. She came because she claimed to be so prolific at singing that Jeremy from Lazy Magnet who was also on the bill asked her to come and sing in his band. She came, watched Noise Nomads and had to leave after his set. She told Noisebloid, "I have to go, that music made me start my period."


Anonymous said...

I think that you have misused the word "prolific"

Anonymous said...

change out "prolific" for "having such a self-proclaimed natural gift but couldn't handle the profound natural gift that is Jeff Hartford" and you'll be correct.

dudeheart said...


Anonymous said...

so that's whats on suzy's face, some girls period.

Anonymous said...

t's such a tickety-boo site. fabulous, acutely fascinating!!!




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