Tuesday, May 12, 2009

No Fun Blind Item

It seems there is already drama and the gossip that follows rearing it's ugly head surrounding No Fun 2009... And the fest hasn't even started!

Which band performing at this year's No Fun Fest has threatened to break all of Pedestrian Deposit's gear, claiming that he has no business being in New York City?

is it:

a. Bardo Pond
b. Sonic Youth
c. Thrones
d. Prurient


Anonymous said...

I have no idea... But I do agree that emo-noise crossovers should give up.

Anonymous said...

Prurient? A real tabloid would answer the fucking question. Also, fuck you Carlos for booking a bunch of shitty pussy acts this year and the volume was too low you shithead. Plus, your set fucking put me to sleep. Let someone with some balls curate next time.

Anonymous said...

DUH, Prurient.

A.k.a. Dramanick Fernow.

He hates everyone lately. Boo if someone criticized your tape prices. You should be able to handle criticism by now. Not everything is personal. Jon Borges did nothing wrong.

Anonymous said...

Dom is fucking emo anyway. I like his noise but watching him live kind of pisses me off. He's trying so hard to look brooding and intimidating. Kind of harder to do what with his growing gut.

Lazer Slut said...

"A real tabloid would answer the fucking question."

Apparently someone is tabloid-illiterate.

Also: Is Anonymous (May 23, 2009[1]) pregnant again?!

AND!!! Anonymous (May 23, 2009[2]) admits "I'm a secret chubby chaser."

Details Inside!