Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Scott Nydegger Teaches Kids in China

Scott Nydegger of Sikhara and Radon Ensemble fame is currently residing in Xi An in China teaching English to students ages 8-12. They constantly tease him telling him he's "mean, ugly and has no hair".

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Lazy Magnet letting it all hang it out in the City of Brotherly Love

Jeremy Harris attempts to shock his peers by performing a 4 hour synth set naked in Philadelphia. "This is fucking retarded, he doesn't even have a boner," was overheard by one audience member. The actual number of people who stayed throughout the entire set, which was dedicated to Party Tom, is unknown. The actual number of women Harris managed to impress that night is also unknown.

Ke$ha closes down Springwater

Apparantly Ke$ha closed down Springwater in Nashville last night. I figured she'd be at Melrose at the white trash formal. Maybe she came afterwards- who knows. We know she likes to party down at Gold Rush and now Springwater. Come see your number one fans down at Betty's, Ke$ha! We sing your songs at karaoke there. We play you on the jukebox. WE JUST LOVE YOU!

Look Alike of the Day

Bruno Mars and Lambchop's William Tyler