Sunday, February 27, 2011

R.J. Remington Convinces Nashville that Loop Retard is Dead

On May 1, 2010, R.J. Remmington of Right Arm Severed fame, was living in Nashville, Tennessee when he had a mental (drug and alcohol induced?) breakdown and checked himself into a hospital. He was dating a woman named Jessamine who was contacting his friends to let them know what was going on. She told Bridget Venutti that he hadn't been right since his best friend had shot himself earlier that week. Venutti immediately became concerned and asked her what friend had shot himself. She told Venutti it was Steven Boardman(Loop Retard, Right Armed Severed, Reale Sadd) from R.J.'s hometown, Madison, Wisconsin. Venutti then came to Betty's Grill and told Crom, Leslie Keffer, Scott Martin, and others what had happened. Everyone was crying and trying to figure out why R.J. who had seen everyone the night before at a show had failed to mention that Steven was dead. Leslie Keffer decided to call Rat Bastard to either inform him or find out more information. Rat hadn't heard about it, but immediately found it fishy. "Call Val, call Mumber Toes; We just saw him and he was fine! Something is up." So Keffer called Valerie Martino in Philadelphia and told her the news. "What?!??? When?! Wait....Ren was just there the other day on tour, I'm going to call him and see what's up." Martino then called Ren Schofield who told her he had just partied with Steven two days ago and he was alive and well. "What the fuck?? I'm gonna call Steven!" So Keffer hangs up with Val and calls Steven and to her relief, he answers. "Oh, My, God, Steven! Did you know that R.J. has everyone in Nashville convinced you shot yourself in your car last week with a shotgun and killed yourself and that your family wasn't even having a funereal or talking about it because they are so upset???" Loop Retard hardly seemed phased or surprised by R.J.'s antics, but was concerned about his hospitalization.
The next day R.J. was released on his own accord. He claims he didn't even remember writing the note, then claims he actually believed Steven was dead when he wrote the note and that is why he went crazy. R.J. then tried to take better care of himself and all seemed well. Steven was alive and R.J. was back and working on his villain performance art pieces. Last we heard R.J. moved back to Madison, Wisconsin to go to prison for filing for custody of his son. R.J. claims he got out of two years and is now working for the government. As Rat would say, "Now that's the real Right Arm Severed set, not what you saw at the show earlier. Those guys are nuts!"

Look-A-Like of the Day

Earn and Zach Galifianakis

Is Bill Callahan a Passive Aggressive Diva?

Word on the street (well, actually Facebook) is that Bill Callahan emails his drummer from the front of his tour van while his drummer is in the back to tell him things he did wrong at the last show.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

No More Open Lot Shows at Current Space, Shows Expected to Still Happen Elsewhere, The Space that was the Open Lot to be Renamed and to Host Shows

Jonathan Lisenby has confirmed that the Nashville Open Lot space will be no more. However, he claims the collective will still have events, just at other venues! He also confirmed he was looking for a new spot downtown. However, the current Open Lot space renters are saying they will still have shows and events hosted by the studio renters, just under a different name. Sounds like there might be some dirt swept under the rug...if anyone has the juicy details send them to Noisebloid!

Look-A-Like of the Day

Kyle Mabson and Buzz Osborne of the Melvins (courtesy of Radio Shock)

This look-a-like of the day reminded us of how Narwhalz's Brian Blomerth, Kyle's BFF, played a nasty trick on him before INC 2009. Brian decided he was going to pretend to be Leslie Keffer on AOL instant messaging and convince Mabson she wanted to hook up with him at INC that February in Miami. This all started after Kyle infamously kissed Keffer while playing "Listen to Your Heart" by Roxette during his set in Murfreesboro, TN. So throughout January, Brian chatted it up with Mabson as Keffer on AOL using the name "NoiseChick69". According to Blomerth, Mabson believed he was Keffer and anxiously awaited INC. When Mabson finally arrived in Miami, he stayed at Rat Bastard's where Keffer was staying. "He never really tried to get with me," Keffer commented, "however he did ask me to go to Olive Garden on Valentine's Day. I think I was confused, not because of the invitation but because I was like, why wouldn't we go to Puerto Sagua, my favorite Miami restaurant, and get chicken? This seemed to confuse him. Now it all makes sense." Blomerth claims he told Mabson while he was "NoiseChick69" that her favorite restaurant was Olive Garden and that he has to take her there for Valentine's Day in order for NoiseChick69 to put out.

BFF's Kyle and Brian walking home after the INC Baltimore 2010 show with dumb hats on.

Long Distance Poison Video and New Release

Ex-Nashvillian, Nathan Cearley, has a new Brooklyn based band, Long Distance Poison, and they recently released a cassette on Cryptic Carousel. Their site likens them to all sorts of goodness, "LDP can be located someplace in the analog wilderness amidst the likes of early Tangerine Dream, Kluster, John Carpenter and Terry Riley." Noisebloid received this video of LDP by author Nicholas Johnson. Check it out!

The Mother of the Egg from Long Distance Poison on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Now Trending: Naomi Elizabeth

So y'all know we love Naomi Elizabeth at Noisebloid, but what we didn't know, and aren't surprised to hear, is that everyone is lovin' on some Naomi. A couple weeks ago we received a message that her new video was melting all kind of minds, including Thurston Moore's. Denver's Pictureplane has started writing for Mishka Blogin and his first post is about NAOMI! In turn, another blog based in Mexico, Negative Youth, checked out Pictureplane's post and wrote their own about our favorite up and coming pop superstar! Also people are talking about her on twitter! Some our favorite tweets are:

I can't tell if I love Naomi Elizabeth because I'm actually quite camp and love divas, or if I just fancy her...

DUH RT @pictureplane: RT @negayouth: NAOMI ELIZABETH #NextLevelShit

Video: NAOMI ELIZABETH. i think she knows exactly what she’s doing. AMAZING!

So here are a couple Naomi videos to get you through the rest of your day. And keep checking Noisebloid because coming soon: Naomi Elizabeth interviewed by Pictureplane!!! Also this just in: Naomi got a new cat named Hot Wings!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Aether Jag Look-A-Likes and Africa

Bridget Venuti, of Aether Jag, has left Nashville for Ghana, to work at an orphanage for a couple of months. Noisebloid received a text from her Monday that said, "They have a special stone here to protect infant's necks while they are sleeping. They put it on the baby's neck until it turns one. It is pale yellow, the man does not know what it is called." We can't wait to hear more about her adventures. In the meantime, enjoy these Venuti doppelgangers.

Brittany Murphy

Aether Jag

Rachel Coleman America's Worst Cook

Monday, February 21, 2011

Mark Van Fleet's Married Life Quarterly is a Sick Zine

Noisebloid just learned that Mark Van Fleet (Sword Heaven) has been writing a zine called Married Life Quarterly since 2008. This is a print zine published in Columbus, Ohio and is full of interesting interviews, reviews, and stories of married life. And every issue is dedicated to his wife Jen Burton! We are going to post his interview with Nathan and Papa Ben of Tusco Terror. In this interview the Tusco boys reflect on their discography. Don't forget to click on the links and check out the rest of the zines!


-split w/Nautical Almanac/c60/no label
Nathan-Papa and I made this tape in the summertime. We were living in Kent
Ohio... I think it's me playing drums and Papa playing guitar... We played some of
our very first shows with Nautical Almanac and we were so excited about their
band... We used different parts of some recordings from the two Ohio shows we
played with them... We printed the cases/inserts in the Kent State printmaking
studio.... It was just white paper screen printed to look like ruled notebook
paper...Carly Ptak helped us fold the paper cases... we used a typewriter to write the
info onto the covers. Half of them say "Spookwolf 4" which was the original name
of the band (a sequel to 3 movies we all made in high school)... I haven’t listened to
it in a while but last time I did I thought it was pretty awful... and really long..
nautical stuff is fucking insane though. really
Papa- I vaguely remember recording this. We were trying to make good use of
everything in our basement. I should have a copy of this somewhere but I haven’t
listened to it since shortly after it was recorded but I can’t imagine that it would be
very good. It was thrown together pretty quickly between to two shows with
Nautical Almanac and I think it was mostly to have something present them.

-Live New Years Day/c60/King Toot (kt02)
Nathan-An early show from a basement in Kent. Doesn’t sound much like the
majority of our tapes... lots of percussion and vocals. The band was Weber, Talons,
Papa and me.
Papa- This was a personal favorite recording of mine for a while. I’m not sure what
I would think if I heard it now. Lots of low end, manic screaming and tape
distortion. Everyone was shitfaced. Everyone got destroyed by flying drums and
cymbals. We wore armbands back then because no one respected us and we didn’t
give a fuck. Not that much has changed. The B side is cut up material that we did in
our basement in Kent. It is mostly drums and circuit bent electronics. We did a lot of
percussion in our early days up through the first tour.
-Forest of no Relief/CDr/Heresee (hs23)
Nathan-Nautical Almanac asked us to do a CDR for them and we felt so honored to
make it cause we all think they are one of the most fucked up bands ever... So Papa
and I recorded this in 3 days with the help of Talons and Weber. Weber played
trumpet live and on all his early recordings,,,other than that we were just using
vocals and drums... Talons was using some tape loops he made. The different songs
on this recording have some real obvious structures to them but its still totally
warped and a lot of the sources of sound are totally distorted and indecipherable.
Papa- Nathan and I spent a number of very late nights putting this one together. Our
tracks mostly consisted of one person making sound in some form and the other one
manipulating it. The first cover we sent to Heresee was shot down. It was a drawing
I did of a rabbit ghost king complete with crown and scepter on a napkin in
ballpoint pen. It was pretty shitty. We sent them the new drawing of the eagles
screaming “Tusco Terror” which Carly screen printed on watercolor paper. The Cdr
has an early Tusco logo Nathan drew also screened by Carly. The interior sleeve is a
true artifact… a piece of wallpaper torn straight from the walls of Tarantula Hill
before the fire. The full image depicts a Victorian
nature hunt.
-Touch of the Downs/recycled cassettes/Tusco Embassy (14min)/(te02)
Nathan-Made about 10 or so of these. Not unlike the Forest of no Relief recordings.
Except this was the first thing we recorded after we moved to the Diamond Shiners
in Akron. I don't have a copy of this. We gave most of them away to the people in
our new neighborhood.
Papa- I always remembered having an uncomfortable feeling when I listened to it.
This one lowered the bar. Hence the title. It was an exercise in unlearning shame.
-Gold/c60/Exinfut, Tusco Embassy/(te01)
Nathan-Doesn't say "Gold" on it anywhere, but it was printed in gold ink in Kent
State's Printmaking Lab (my least favorite place at the time)... We recorded all the
stuff on this tape in Diamond Shiners over about a year. Hard to believe that we
could get anything done in that place cause all of us were beyond fucked up while
we lived at that place... Its a good tape with a lot of different approaches to recording
and improvising throughout. This recording has Papa, Weber, Talons, Natalie,
Russco and me on it.
Papa- Initially this was conceived as an experimental disco album. I don’t
necessarily think we conveyed that very well or that we came up with a very good
plan for executing this but it was on our mind at least to some degree during the
recording process. I feel like this reached a new level for us at the time and set a
precedent for the recordings to follow. Yes, this undoubtedly was the most “fucked
up” period for the band. Contains the tracks Blood Dreadlock and Bodacious Load.
-Tore Up (live)/3"CDr/King Toot (kt03)
Nathan-Three live gigs in Akron and Kent played simultaneously. sounds pretty
chaotic. performed by Weber, Papa Mike and me,,, recorded by Russco. Released by
some "bootleg" dude who also re-released the early comp of pre Tusco related bands
called "Noxious Burning Urinary Tract Infection" in 1998.
Papa- I believe the Kent performance was a show we had set up with Indian Jewelry
(they were NTX + Electric at the time). We opened that set with deadly swinging
guitar action. One of the first and last sets we used guitars for a long time because
they always became instruments of destruction and we always got beat up pretty
badly. After one of the Akron performances, somebody shouts “ That sucked soooo
bad!” I responded with words and gestures. A section of it can be heard on the end of
the recording. The cover art was tie-dye inspired.

-Tumor Eclipse/CDr/Durable Stimuli, Tusco Embassy (dust16, te05)
Nathan-One of my favorite early ones. First edition (on Steve Dracula's label) was
less than 20 and packaged in 5 1/2" floppy disks. The T/E version was issued in
oversized spray painted foam chunks. There are 42 tracks on the CDr and only about
5 or 6 are more than 3 seconds long... pretty wierd bad trip vibes and odd ball harsh
noise crazy.
Papa- Yeah, I’ve always been proud of this one. I think everyone feel the same
about this recording. Probably the most ridiculous recording session ever. Lots of
throwing gear down stairs. Everyone was going berzerker full panic mode. Aaron
Dilloway later reviewed it as having “total disregard for anything." We have always
been really proud of that statement and amazed at how much it captured the spirit of
that release. Shame was no longer an achievable emotion.
-split w/Heart2heart & Leslie Keffer/CDr/(tour only, no label)
Nathan-Made about 30 or 40 of these for our first tour. our tracks were two tracks of
unedited cruddy basement murk. The Leslie Keffer tracks are exceptional... I think
one of her songs was a tribute to Glen Danzig.
-Great Barrier/c40/Pink Triforce (no catalog number)
Nathan-The first time a person we hadn't met before asked us to do a release. Brian
Seger is a really nice dude. He explained our music as "Punk Rock Musique
Concrete", which i always liked a lot.

-Feral Cousins/c32/Tusco Embassy (te04)
Nathan-After I moved to Cleveland we decided to try and practice/record at my new
place. I was kinda weary about pissing off my new roomates so we broke into an
empty rental house a block away. We recorded both sides of the tape in about an
hour in the "cottage house" and mixed, mastered, dubbed and printed the tape the
same night. The first side was used as our side on the Emeralds split record on
Ecstatic Peace two years later.
Papa-This has a very organic feel to it. We utilized a lot acoustic instruments when
we recorded this one. The original cassette release had an amazing psychedelic
Tusco logo that Nathan drew. It was screened in two colors on brown paper. We
tried to replicate this recording at a Cleveland show at the Church. It was part of a
two day festival. We stacked all our amps ten feet high, and it came tumbling down
within thirty seconds, disconnecting everything. Somehow we “performed” for
another ten minutes. Russ and Nathan pushed an amp onto my head and while I was
laying helplessly on stage, they pulled my pants down. For whatever reason we were
the headlining act. It was not received well.
-split with Emeralds/c24/Tusco Embassy (te08)
-Tore Up III (live)/CDr/Wagon (no catalog number)
-split w/Emeralds (christmas tape 06)/c40/Tusco Embassy, Wagon (te11)

Bad Acid/one sided 7”/Tusco Embassy(te20)
Papa- This was the first vinyl release for Tusco Embassy. It was completed at the
same time as the Ecstatic peace split. This is one of the few recordings that every
single member of Tusco Terror was present. We recorded it similar to Touch of the
Downs and Tumor Eclipse. It was a celebration of absurdity. One side of the 7” was
etched. The packaging was a screened Russco collage with Tusco Logo.
Black/c60/Tusco Embassy/(te15)
Papa-I like this one a lot. It could be considered a follow up to Gold. It was recorded
and mixed in the same kind of process with a year worth of material and had a loose
theme and featured similar packaging. This was our first release that was directly
influenced by the abomination that is metal. Like Gold, I don’t know how much of
that is conveyed to the listener but that is what gives it it's "Tusconess". It is
something Like forty tracks blurred together. Contains Dry Birth and Hell Wax.
-self-titled/c30/Hanson (hn172)
Seventy Second Eternal/c20/Chondritic Sound (ch-203)
Papa- These releases are not related in any way except that they were both,
conceptually, experiments with fidelity. The idea was conceived while working on
the Hanson tape. Perhaps, better expressed on Seventy Second Eternal. Each session
was recorded simultaneously on multiple pieces of equipment which varied greatly
in recording quality.
-Yellow River/10" lathe/endleseries (TR#12))
-split w/Fossils/c60/5nakefork (5f21)
-Mapping a Burial/CDr/Cut Hands (ch026)
One of a few relcordings that I would categorize as super skronky. Four or Five
guitar wall of scum.
-Oozer/c24/Eye Wish Arts/(eye wish 21)

-split with Emeralds (Vaporizer/Feral Cousins)/LP/Ecstatic Peace (e#105h)
-Psychedelic Narcosis/CDr/Arbor/(arbor65)
-Plumb Creak/c20/teenage whore (UNRELEASED)
Recorded onto three or four tape decks in the middle of the woods in kent ohio.
Sound of smashing dilapidated playground equipment
-Golden Touch/c22/i just live here (cat#??)
-Tore Up II/c20/Mistake by the Lake (msl005)
Cool live set from diamond shiners new years eve show. Tape starts with Alice
Cooper’s “18”.. pretty excellent live moments on here.
-split w/Birds of Delay/c40/5nakefork (UNRELEASED)
Nathan-Never released but I remember this recording as being one of the best guitar
heavy recordings that we made at the Embassy space in Cleveland. A standout
moment is when Papa bursts into some weird riff and sings “Ride, Sally Ride”.. the
rest of it sounds like zz top on ketamine.
-split w/Dying Live c20/ A Soundesign
-split w/Wether/c20/905 Tapes (905-1)
Nathan-Loved the track we submitted for the first 905 tape but somehow the final
mix was really quite and didn’t really sound very good.
-split w/Sword Heaven/c52/Teen Action (tar015)
-track "scumbagg" from It's Battery Acid You Slime/cassette comp/Heavy
Psych (hp25)
Nathan- I was having problems naming all the tracks we had been putting together at
this time so I just used a few popular nicknames I earned during my residency in
-track on Brains on Backwash/cassette comp/905 Tapes (905-31)
-split with Druids of Huge/Terror Tapes vol.41/Middle James Co. (mjc242)
-God Has Forgotten About This Place/8" Lathe/Tusco Embassy (te40)
Papa-This was recorded over a weekend in the basement of a large house where
Nathan was dog sitting. It is also one of the only sessions where a track was
dedicated to each performer. There is something distinct about it. I think it has a
subtlety not present on other recordings. Clear Vinyl. Great packaging
design by Stoney.

-Scummer/LP/Tusco Embassy (te50)
Papa-This is our only full length vinyl release. It contains material recorded from
another session at the Hudson House. It also has a live performance from a junkyard
just outside of our hometown. We performed in front of heavy duty construction
equipment. Once again, it was directly influenced by the unlimited amount of metal
we were listening to at the time, and of course, our always present themes, tormented
psychedelia and impoverished lifestyles. We completely cleared the place out. A
photo from the show is printed on the backside of the cover. The front depicts “the

The INC News You've Been Waiting For...

So Noisebloid finally got word of an INC 2011 hook up! According to witnesses Elyse Perez just might have got cozy with a member of Baylie's Band who was staying at Ed Wilcox's house the last night of INC.

Drilling A Hole Through The Sky

Here is a book review by one of our guest writers, Logan K. Young. We are giving him another chance despite the libel suit for his last story...


Drilling A Hole Through The Sky: 30 Years Of The Haters

(Hardback, 6x9, 251 pg + CD)



“1/7/1994 Livermore (#201).” Armed with a large drill-bit, GX Jupitter-Larsen hurls himself from 3,000 meters. During descent, he drills a hole in the sky as literal as only he could -- ∆G all along the “polywave.” And thus the title of this handsomely packaged, shoddily reproduced grimoire from John Wiese’s Helicopter imprint. As he tells Wiese in the interview that opens this de facto bio, “I never considered anything I did or do to be musical.” To wit, Jupitter-Larsen’s own descriptions of 338 Haters gigs from 1979 to 2008 read like an art class clown’s send up of some stolid exhibition catalog. Thirty years removed though, for GX Jupitter-Larsen and his beloved “totimorphous,” the more things erode...the more they stay the same.

I (pronounced a) – The Haters, “Crashbreak”
II (pronounced be) – Gerritt Wittmer, “Gap Decay (Mind The Drunk Mix)”
III (pronounced se) – The New Blockaders, “Junk Rhetoric”
IV (pronounced de) – Sissy Spacek, “Really Into The Haters (edit)”
V (pronounced e) – K2 with GX Jupitter-Larsen, “Boiling Autopsy”
VI (pronounced ef) – Sudden Infant, “Future Cheese”
VII (pronounced je) – Incapacitants, “For GX”
VIII (pronounced ach) – Frans De Waard, “Punch”
IX (pronounced i) – The Haters, “Spanking”
X (pronounced ja) – GX Jupitter-Larsen & Torturing Nurse, “Junktacky Spit”
XI (pronounced ka) – Jarrett Silberman, “On The Set Of The New Film About The Runaways”
XII (pronounced el) – Damion Romero, “Diamond Zero”
XIII (pronounced em) – The Haters, “Ball-Gag Poem”
XIV (pronounced en) – Glands Of External Secretion, “True Grit”
XIV (pronounced oh) – CRH. Draheim, “Smacked & Whacked”
XVI (pronounced pe) – Aaron Dilloway, “Final Play (for GX Jupitter-Larsen)”

Drilling A Hole Through The Sky from John Wiese on Vimeo.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tonight is the Last Show at Open Lot?

"Open Lot is a community of artists, designers, and innovators with dedicated spaces in Saint Louis and Nashville. Both spaces serve as a collaborative studio, venue, and exhibition space." (Open Lot's website) Open Lot has hosted some cool shows over the last year or so like Rangda, Forest Bride, Trophy Wife, Cherry Blossoms, Leslie Keffer & Scott Martin to name a few, but unfortunately rumor has it that tonight's Unwed Sailor, Unicorn Hard-On/Lazer Slut, Ascent of Everest, and Square People Jazz Maturity show, is the venue's last event due to someone not paying the rent. Hopefully this isn't true, but in case it is don't miss this killer show tonight!

Dino Felipe Presents His 50th Release "Please Enjoy This"

Dino Felipe is one of our favorite dudes to see in Miami at INC every year because he is a party animal and he is always one of our favorite performances. Last year, he did 90's alternative rock covers for his set(Nirvana, Alice in Chains, etc). This pissed half the crowd off and the other half got it and rejoiced! We love Dino and so does the Miami New Times.

Pictures of the Day

A mismatched Radio Shock as a youngster:

Vintage Clang Quartet:

Adam Boyson:

New Mincemeat or Tenspeed Video

Philadelphia based Mincemeat or Tenspeed's video for "Infinite Girlfriend" from their album "Strange Gods". Video by Javier Fabgregas.

More INC 2011 Videos

Sharlyn Evertsz

Steve Bristol, Dan Hosker, and Jamison Williamson

Thanks Jiblet!

A couple video comps by Wet Crevice

And Some Post-INC in Tampa Videos from Ant Parade/No Milk's Site

Secret Boyfriend


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Byron Coley & Thurston Moore's Bull Tongue Now Online

Arthur Magazine has posted some of Byron and Thurston's Bull Tongue columns on their site. You can check it out here: This is BULL TONGUE from Arthur No. 11 (July 2004). There are a few others 2003-04 posted as well. Go ahead, its O.K., explore the voids of all known undergrounds again, and again!

Drunk Miley Crashes Super Bowl Party at Tarantula Hill

On the evening of February 6, Noisebloid OMG! couple - Bawlmore’s Twig Harper and Carly Ptak - hosted a star-studded Super Bowl XLV fundraiser for salvia divinorum at their West Pratt Street home.
The $500-a-plate dinner was co-sponsored by Dr. Stan Musilfiy, local businessman Tom Boram and Utz heiresses Lexi and Sam Mountain. Attendees included Barry Levinson, Logan Mitchell, Sr., DJ Dog Dick and Panda Bear’s mother, Charlene. Lungfish and former mayor Martin O’Malley’s Irish noise band (feat. Slash) provided the halftime entertainment.
However, just before dawn, Miley Ray Cyrus’ father, Billy Ray, checked his daughter in for heat exhaustion at nearby Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins.
“She was in heat, something fierce,” a spokesperson for Billy Ray’s camp told Noisebloid.
But according to hospital logs, Miley later checked herself out after a hearty breakfast of crab cakes, pit beef and Cap’n Crunch French Toast. (I know, what a fatty, LOL!) Receipts show these items were charged to her room under the name “Stringer Bell.”
According to eyewitnesses, Miley Cyrus arrived at Tarantula Hill a little after 8 pm -- the Steelers still trailing by three. Sauced and belligerent, the 24-year-old starlet hemmed and hawed throughout the rest of the game, even demanding that Jason Urick leave the room because he was, quote, “freakin’ [her] the fuck out.”
Sources say she had plenty to talk about: Eminem’s ice tea adverts, her favorite Nautical Almanac mini CD-R, the pants Steve Albini wore during the Razorblade Suitcase sessions, and, perhaps most topically, that the Steeler's Roethlisberger himself had read for Greg Kinnear’s role in The Last Song.
Be that as it may, most of the party-goers were happy to see her leave -- around 10:30 that night, after polishing off her second six-pack of Natty Boh.
“It was more sad and gross than surreal,” said Prof. Drew Daniel of their most famous, albeit unwelcome, dinner guest. “And while I’m not blaming her per se, we are missing about an eighth of our salvia.”
Ironically enough, Cyrus’ estranged mother, Bobbie Ray Cyrus, was seen leaving the party later that evening with Geof from Charm City Cakes.
“Rafael Toral is playing a late set at Golden West tonight,” she was overheard telling Twig and Carly. “My man Bret got me tickets.”
Noisebloid was able to confirm that Green Bay won the game 31-25.

By guest writer LOGAN K. YOUNG follow him on twitter
If you would like to be a guest blogger on Noisebloid please send stories to

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ke$ha to Present Maryland Death Fest IX

We aren't surprised considering she paid $200 for Evil Ed's cut off Guns-N-Roses t-shirt at Springwater last week.

Video Clips of Some of Our Favorite Sets from INC 2011

As mentioned earlier, Night Burger killed it! This is one of my favorite sets. Any set that gets people dancing I'm gonna like. Sorry, I'm biased. Anyway, before Noah Anthony went on as Night Burger (you may recognize him, he's also in Social Junk and Form A Log) Val Martino (Unicorn Hard-On)says to me "Oh my God! Night Burger is next! We can't miss this! Its gonna blow everyone's mind! In fact maybe we should miss it because its going to be the best set! We probably won't even want to play after we see it. Its gonna be so sick!" Val was right about one thing, it was definitely one of the best sets at INC, but she was wrong about the other! I think it inspired everyone who played after Night Burger to bring out the show stoppers, including Unicorn Hard-On! Radio Shock took these videos and posted them on his website and was kind enough to let Noisebloid post them here! (He also did a nice write up about me at INC, not about my set, but about my bouncer skills!) So check it out!

This video is of Lisa Cameron performing under Venison Whirled. Lisa is a long time staple of the Austin noise scene. She has been in countless bands and is one of the most amazing people I have ever met! She plays two snare drums through two amps and it becomes one of the most beautiful, evoking sounds I have ever heard. She also hooks me up with vintage Debbie Gibson memorabilia. I've seen her play many times and this was one of my favorite sets I've seen her play.

Cock ESP! Need we say more? The KINGS of noise! Cock ESP never fails to put on an in your face show leaving you to wonder why you are willing to stand up front and nearly get killed by flying objects thrown by a man in a chicken suit and Ke$ha's twin brother who is covered in so much glitter its even covering his teeth. And they always have some babe up there, and this year it was C. Lavender who squirmed around on the floor like the fish in that Faith No More video.

Blue Shift almost didn't make it this year which would've sucked since her performance was breathtaking. She got robbed in Gainesville, Florida and was somehow able to still get down to Miami. Wielding Rat's Rock-n-Roll violin she took to the stage and blew us away!

Container is Ren Schofield of Nashville. This is his minimal techno style project. People loved it! They got up on that stage and got down! I danced too even though I was super bummed because Ren made a "no talking about Ke$ha, Noisebloid, or Twitter in the van" rule for us ladies just hours earlier.

And last but not least, is Scotty Irving's Christian Noise project, Clang Quartet. The Laundry Room Squelchers took Clang Quartet with us on tour last April and I would just like to point out that Scotty is one of the most fun, ornery, and talented dudes I have ever met, even for a Jesus freak! And I mean that as a term of endearment! Scotty is so passionate and sincere about his music and message that I can't help but be spellbound when I watch him perform.

They were Dancing like Strippers, But They Kept Their Clothes on

'Hip Hop in a Honky Tonk' video by Colt Ford features Nashville's only noise/experimental venue, Betty's Bar and Grill, on 49th and Charlotte Pike. You can see the outside of Betty's about the :37 second mark to about :48 seconds in. This guy is a genius. And I'm positive this song was written for Betty's. "I'll give you twenty bucks if you turn that shit off, if you ask me it outta be outlawed...hip hop in a honky tonk." Wow, that's what I hear every native West Nashville regular say when I play 'Mrs. Officer' by Lil' Wayne or 'Over(I'm doing me)' by Drake when I am bar tending at Betty's. Perfection. Why wasn't Colt Ford nominated for a Grammy? Check it out:

Monday, February 14, 2011

And for Those of You Who Asked Noisebloid about Rodger Stella at INC...

The 8th Annual International Noise Conference

INC 2011 has come to end. 8 years of INC! We can hardly believe it. This year was more mellow than the others for these reasons: no one was really doing drugs, no reports of any hook ups(although we did see squelcher Lauren making out?? with Radio Shock outside Churchill's Sat. night), and no Loop Retard! Check out his apology video:

Beats/Synths and goth-ed out melodrama was the trend this year. There was also classic noise sets by Cock ESP, Venison Whirled, Lazy Magnet, Newton and Clang Quartet. There was a lot more dancing this year to sets too! Container, Unicorn Hard-on, Leslie Keffer, Sharkiface, and Night Burger had the crowd moving. Night Burger was on the floor and fists were pumping. Unicorn Hard-On's crowd took to the stage and were holding up broken white curtain rods (possibly up there for Cock ESP's upcoming set) and waving them in the air.

Venison Whirled:

Attentive Crowd:

Sharlyn Evertsz:


Emil Hagstrom(Cock ESP) Rat Bastard(Laundry Room Squelchers, INC Founder)at Puerto Sagua.(Noisebloid's favorite restaurant in Miami Beach):

Hanging out with Venison Whirled, Sharlyn Evertsz, Leslie Keffer, Sarah Houser and Newton in the Laundry Room!:

Check out Radio Shock's Blog for more posts about INC 2011:
And til we get more video and photos to post we will leave you with this...
Laundry Room Squelchers INC 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Party Canon from KOMMANDO on Vimeo.

Here it is Ke$ha at Springwater!!!
Thanks Reid Barber! Noisebloid loves YOU!

Liz and Ben(Stoney Tusco) Osborne Welcome Lucy!

The adorable Lil Lucy was born last Friday February 4th in Ohio! Congratulations!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Motherf'in Stuart with Ke$ha!

Ke$ha actually didn't leave Springwater after the fireworks. She didn't do a song either but she is staying and hanging out with everybody at the bar and being super cool. WE LOVE KE$HA! Noisebloid thanks Tony, Stuart, and everyone else who isn't on twitter for sending us photos and updates! It almost felt like we were there!

Ke$ha Night Officially Over

Its all in the past now! Ke$ha was suspose to play a song but stormed out when Party Cannon lit off fireworks. It was reported that Springwater regulars were driving away yelling "fuck a bunch of Ke$ha".

Ke$ha (in white) at Springwater with Party Cannon!

Ke$ha IS Special Guest and is about to Play with Party Cannon at Springwater!

Wish we were there! Enjoy it Nashville!

Ke$ha Video at Springwater is Actually for MTV Hoods Shoot about her Favorite Places in Nashville. Bet she is still the Special Guest...

We will keep you posted...she has yet to make an appearance!

Update: Thurston Moore's Response to Albini's Dis Misquoted.

This just in: Thurston was misquoted in El Pais newspaper. What was printed was this: "Steve has opinions based on a myopic point of view which of course does not extend to the manufacturers of his pants." What Moore actually said was "Steve has opinions based on a myopic point of view which of course does not extend to the manufacturers of his PANTIES." A direct reference to Albini's Big Black song "Kim Gordon's Panties". We thought he was referring to those coveralls he wears all the time but we were wrong! In yo face Steve!

Thurston Moore Responds to Steve Albini Calling Sonic Youth an "Embarrassment"

Read the full story here:
Basically Steve Albini thinks Sonic Youth ruined everything for everybody when they signed to a major label in 1990. Hasn't Albini always spoken his mind? And who cares anyway? Didn't he record Razor Blade Suitcase? We find it mindboggling that he's saying all this because we feel like Sonic Youth has done nothing but totally embrace and support the underground community to this day. Whatever Albini. In Utero is still our favorite Nirvana Record.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Party Cannon/Ghostfinger show is Ke$ha's Video Shoot Duh, its that Stephan dude who wouldn't call her back's band.

Seriously we thought this monday when nashville's dead tweeted not to miss this show at Springwater this weds. night. So don't miss this show. According to all the folks we saw in Tampa last night Ke$ha spends her money wisely not blowing it on videos instead uses craigslist to hire 100 zombies for her last video who were told to bring their own makeup because they didn't have it and everyone had to look like a zombie. Guess she's doing this for Nashville too. Let Ke$ha use you even if it makes you feel glittery inside. Classy. We love you Ke$ha!

Friday, February 04, 2011

Our Darling Ke$ha to Film New Video at the Springwater (while we are in Florida, not fair!)

Our sparkling glitter goddess, Ke$ha (or KeShift4ha as Michael K. from d-listed once called her) is rumored to be filming her new video (for Sleazy?!?) next week at one of Nashville's most famous dive bars, the Springwater!

Look Alike of the Day

Ren Schofield
(container, god willing, form a log, etc)

Bill Hader (right,SNL)

New Video From Naomi Elizabeth - God Sent Me Here To Rock You

Straight from the center of our alternate universe, Naomi Elizabeth delivers another video from her clever experimental pop arsenal.