Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Now Trending: Naomi Elizabeth

So y'all know we love Naomi Elizabeth at Noisebloid, but what we didn't know, and aren't surprised to hear, is that everyone is lovin' on some Naomi. A couple weeks ago we received a message that her new video was melting all kind of minds, including Thurston Moore's. Denver's Pictureplane has started writing for Mishka Blogin and his first post is about NAOMI! In turn, another blog based in Mexico, Negative Youth, checked out Pictureplane's post and wrote their own about our favorite up and coming pop superstar! Also people are talking about her on twitter! Some our favorite tweets are:

I can't tell if I love Naomi Elizabeth because I'm actually quite camp and love divas, or if I just fancy her...

DUH RT @pictureplane: RT @negayouth: NAOMI ELIZABETH #NextLevelShit

Video: NAOMI ELIZABETH. i think she knows exactly what she’s doing. AMAZING!

So here are a couple Naomi videos to get you through the rest of your day. And keep checking Noisebloid because coming soon: Naomi Elizabeth interviewed by Pictureplane!!! Also this just in: Naomi got a new cat named Hot Wings!


Anonymous said...

Ummm, yeah. Real "talented".

MSTiZA said...

i recently picked up the split 7" with tik///tik and her cd. i love noisebloid!

Anonymous said...

I named my cat Hot Wings in 2010 and posted about it on a popular music oriented internet message board which she must have read and now I"m mad