Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tonight is the Last Show at Open Lot?

"Open Lot is a community of artists, designers, and innovators with dedicated spaces in Saint Louis and Nashville. Both spaces serve as a collaborative studio, venue, and exhibition space." (Open Lot's website) Open Lot has hosted some cool shows over the last year or so like Rangda, Forest Bride, Trophy Wife, Cherry Blossoms, Leslie Keffer & Scott Martin to name a few, but unfortunately rumor has it that tonight's Unwed Sailor, Unicorn Hard-On/Lazer Slut, Ascent of Everest, and Square People Jazz Maturity show, is the venue's last event due to someone not paying the rent. Hopefully this isn't true, but in case it is don't miss this killer show tonight!


tonyyoungblood said...

There will probably be many shows to come at Open Lot. The facility is going through some internal conflicts, but I think it's best to let them sort things out before we do much more speculation. I fed the fire when I announced tonight's show may be significant for undisclosed reasons via Theatre Intangible, but I was presumptuous in writing that, and I have since edited it out.

Anonymous said...

I was told that the person who didnt pay their rent was Jonathan. He had never paid his rent,embezzled all the proceeds and wasn't taking care of business.... Which was creating instability.... He is gone now... I have been told the group has recruited some new renting members and is more stable than ever now that they have dropped the bad apple. Be looking for awesome things from this group in the coming year.