Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Video Clips of Some of Our Favorite Sets from INC 2011

As mentioned earlier, Night Burger killed it! This is one of my favorite sets. Any set that gets people dancing I'm gonna like. Sorry, I'm biased. Anyway, before Noah Anthony went on as Night Burger (you may recognize him, he's also in Social Junk and Form A Log) Val Martino (Unicorn Hard-On)says to me "Oh my God! Night Burger is next! We can't miss this! Its gonna blow everyone's mind! In fact maybe we should miss it because its going to be the best set! We probably won't even want to play after we see it. Its gonna be so sick!" Val was right about one thing, it was definitely one of the best sets at INC, but she was wrong about the other! I think it inspired everyone who played after Night Burger to bring out the show stoppers, including Unicorn Hard-On! Radio Shock took these videos and posted them on his website www.no-core.net/blog/ and was kind enough to let Noisebloid post them here! (He also did a nice write up about me at INC, not about my set, but about my bouncer skills!) So check it out!

This video is of Lisa Cameron performing under Venison Whirled. Lisa is a long time staple of the Austin noise scene. She has been in countless bands and is one of the most amazing people I have ever met! She plays two snare drums through two amps and it becomes one of the most beautiful, evoking sounds I have ever heard. She also hooks me up with vintage Debbie Gibson memorabilia. I've seen her play many times and this was one of my favorite sets I've seen her play.

Cock ESP! Need we say more? The KINGS of noise! Cock ESP never fails to put on an in your face show leaving you to wonder why you are willing to stand up front and nearly get killed by flying objects thrown by a man in a chicken suit and Ke$ha's twin brother who is covered in so much glitter its even covering his teeth. And they always have some babe up there, and this year it was C. Lavender who squirmed around on the floor like the fish in that Faith No More video.

Blue Shift almost didn't make it this year which would've sucked since her performance was breathtaking. She got robbed in Gainesville, Florida and was somehow able to still get down to Miami. Wielding Rat's Rock-n-Roll violin she took to the stage and blew us away!

Container is Ren Schofield of Nashville. This is his minimal techno style project. People loved it! They got up on that stage and got down! I danced too even though I was super bummed because Ren made a "no talking about Ke$ha, Noisebloid, or Twitter in the van" rule for us ladies just hours earlier.

And last but not least, is Scotty Irving's Christian Noise project, Clang Quartet. The Laundry Room Squelchers took Clang Quartet with us on tour last April and I would just like to point out that Scotty is one of the most fun, ornery, and talented dudes I have ever met, even for a Jesus freak! And I mean that as a term of endearment! Scotty is so passionate and sincere about his music and message that I can't help but be spellbound when I watch him perform.

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