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Buy Pictureplane Apparel from Denver Clothing Company

Did you know Pictureplane's Travis Egedy is a clothing designer too?! You can buy his new shirt at Denver Clothing Company. Here's what they had to say about it:
"Travis Egedy, also known as Pictureplane, crafts spectral, intricately woven electronic mash-ups and composes complex graphic illustrations of the world interpreted by a creative activist. Audio or visual, Egedy's art uproots the deepest of social, political and interpersonal feelings of his patrons. This allure of visually and emotionally stunning work has amassed Egedy a national following. Egedy graduated from the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, and now tours the world and has played with musical acts such at Crystal Castles and HEALTH . Read more about Egedy on his blog and follow Pictureplane on Facebook for new music releases and tour dates."

Neon Marshmallow Fest 2011 Announced

This year's Neon Marshmallow Music Festival will be held in Chicago June 10-12, at the Empty Bottle. Here is a list of confirmed artists, with more to be announced!

Morton Subotnick
OneOhTrix Point Never
Bill Orcutt
White Rainbow
Rene Hell
The Rita
Pulse Emitter
Outer Space (John from Emeralds)
Spiral Joy Band (members of Pelt)
James Plotkin
Sword Heaven
Telecult Powers
Leslie Keffer
Sick Llama
Dylan Ettinger
Mike Shiflet
Beau Wanzer

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Easily the Worst Band Ever

Did you know that if you search for 'worst band ever' on this is what comes up in 3rd place:

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Austin Imposition Showcase featuring Pictureplane at SXSW

Austin Imposition Showcase first night began with an all night dance-party-rave-a-thon featuring Das Racist, Janka Nabay, Tearist, Brenmar, and Blissed Out. They put some awesome photos of Pictureplane up on their site. If you are in Nashville (and everywhere else, really) you'll probably want to check out the JEFF the Brotherhood photos from the day showcase here as well!

New Captain Ahab Video for "Little Hands" on Pitchfork

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World Premiere of Thurston Moore's New Song 'Benediction'

NPR has posted Thurston Moore's new single 'Benediction' produced by Beck today. Listen here.

Naomi Elizabeth Radiohead Remix is #8

Naomi Elizabeth's remix for Radiohead's Reckoner is Number 8 on the site. There's no way to embed it here so go to and take a listen. Voting is closed, but they haven't announced a winner yet. Naomi has 11,587 votes!!!

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Tues. March 22 at Betty's: French Invasion!

Betty's Bar & Grill 3/22

9:30pm Sharp

Opening the night will be a new local band called Alien Contact Thru Music. The other local act is Lazer Slut & Unicorn Hard-On:

And all the way from FRANCE:


Headwar - live @ grrrndzero / Lyon 20.10.09 from Grrrnd Zero on Vimeo.



Shows at Betty's cost $3-5
This is going to be an awesome night!!

Noisebloid Interview with Trophy Wife

Trophy Wife is one of my favorite bands that play at Betty's. They are a three piece all girl noise-experimental-weird-I-hate-trying-to-describe-a-band's-sound-supersick group based out of Murfreesboro. Noisebloid interviews Jessica, Mary and Sarah so you can get to know these gals and book 'em in your town. And buy their what Thurston Moore described as "heavy" 7". And their EP. Links at the end of the interview!



Who was the first celebrity you had a crush on?
charlie brown and rick schroder of Silver Spoons tie

What was your first cd?
i don't know .. i never had any money for that sort of thing - i listened to pop radio all the time: mostly from 1983 to 1996ish. My first concert was depech mode. my first cd might have been tori amos's little earthquakes, or jewel for that matter (I joined the BMG music club). I used to tape songs off of the radio, I remember specifically INXS. Also I listened to my brother's tapes of They Might be Giants all the time in junior high. Janet Jackson made a huge impact on me. The first time I ever stayed up all night was when I stayed at my best friend Amy's house and we choreographed our own Rhythm Nation.

What is your favorite song right now?
new order's age of consent is playing at the moment and I've rewinded a few times already to hear it again.

If you were the musical guest on snl who would be your dream host?
sarah silverman or sasha baron cohen

What are your pets names?
two grey tabby cats: Hoss and Fish

What is something about you that we would be surprised to hear?
beats me

Would you model for playboy and if so what month would you wanna be on the cover?
i like that "what month" is included here, but I wouldn't pose.

What is the astrological sign you've dated most?
I don't think they've ever been the same - oh wait - it's virgo 2x, first and current fellas.

Whats your favorite plant?
I have recently rekindled my love of plants and i'm growing a vegetable garden this year. I've only sowed flower gardens in the past, but my parents always had a modest veggie garden. I've been a long-time fan of the black-eyed susan flower, it grew wild in the woods near my house growing up.

Whats your favorite food?
Tabuleh's a fav. and lemons in all forms. and these cookies from the grocery-store bakery that were basically just sugar cookies, with a hint of lemon and a light frosting - fucking gooooood.

If you could live anywhere else where would it be? Hawaii. I'm nearly through watching the fourth season of Magnum P.I. and it looks pretty promising. Plus Roseanne Bar lives there.

What do you think about charlie sheen?
he's been hilarious lately!

What do you think about taylor swift?
i like to sing that song You Belong with Me. it's not easy - you need big lungs. The video sucks however and I don't agree with Kayne's interruption of Swift's acceptance speech at the MTV video awards, but I do agree with his opinion about Beyonce. Swift reminds me about the fact that Avril Lavenge's new song was stuck in my head all day yesterday - it's just such an anthem. Don't forget about Miley's Party in the U.S.A. though.

Whose your favorite person in the whole world? Robert F. Beckham

How long has trophy wife been around?
since the late fall of 2009

How'd it start?
sarah said to me on jessica's porch, "Do you wanna play music with me and my friend Lauren? We're called Trophy Wife." I said, "Yeah, I could do that."


Who was the first celebrity you had a crush on?

bill clinton. it started when i was like five and lasted for a really long time, like, def through the Lewinsky thing. in my house, it just felt really taboo to have a crush on bill clinton.

What was your first cd?
aquarium by aqua

What is your favorite song right now?
cod'ine by buffy sainte-marie, from her 1964 album, it's my way!

If you were the musical guest on snl who would be your dream host?

jim jarmusch.....he's a fox......or john waters.

What are your pets names?

i don't have pets. i'm a mean aunt to lazerslut's dogs.

What is something about you that we would be surprised to hear?

i wanna start an artists' retreat in the black hills of south dakota.

Would you model for playboy and if so what month would you wanna be on the cover?

If they give me enough money and let me do what I want. I've posed nude and semi-nude before, and it's not a big deal to me, as long as i have control. the art/porn debate doesn't mean much to me, either. i would def pose for them before suicide girls or most of these, like, alterna-porn sites/publications. i'd wanna do the november issue and play with/eat a big thanksgiving spread throughout the shoot. my friend and i were just talking about the euphemism "spit roast" the other day, so i might play with that idea.

What is the astrological sign you've dated most?

dating's usually a disaster. i sort of hangout/do projects with people, and then things come together or don't. i've been in the most relationships with pisces.

Whats your favorite plant?

venus fly trap...they're fun for kids.

Whats your favorite food?

sushi...and recently i ate Kitfo, an Ethiopian raw beef dish, and it was really great.

If you could live anywhere else where would it be?

I used to think i wanted to live in new york. i'd rather just have a base in nashville, then travel a lot and with purpose.

What do you think about charlie sheen?

i heard some witches performed a ceremony today to help him get his "shine" back. i hope it works out.

What do you think about taylor swift?

i didn't understand her attraction to jake gyllenhaal. if i were her, i think i would date much older men, exclusively.

Whose your favorite person in the whole world?

o, man. i don't really wanna be a buddy butt-licker, but there's not really one person. i'm a big fan of the dudes at high density headache, and my partners in private leisure industries. those are the people that i spend the most time with. if we didn't enjoy being around each other, nothing would get done. camille paglia keeps me pretty entertained, but we've never met. i keep her book, Sexual Personae: Art and Decadence from Nefertiti to Emily Dickinson, by my bed.

How long has trophy wife been around?

since fall of 2009.

How'd it start?

jessica and i had been playing together in a band with michael o'flinn (extreme teen bible), called party cop. the idea there was to create pop music that sounded really far away or buried, like the ghost of pop. that project sort of fizzled, but the premise was still in our heads....i was listening to bush tetras and y pants a lot around that time, which might have had some influence on whatever we started doing. jessica and i were playin with the most amazing century of science.....that's all really tight and it was sort of like, let's try to do something where we're only limited by a lack of proficiency/training, trade-off on instruments, do something minimal/pop oriented. mary had just put out her first tape as i dress for recess, so it was like, yeah, this is us, this makes sense. lauren was with the band at the beginning....she's the one who named the band, and then she split to do cycles.


Who was the first celebrity you had a crush on?
Dean Stockwell

What was your first cd?
For most of my early life, Michael Jackson was my favorite artist. My first tape was Thriller, I believe and when I was in probably second or third grade I got the Dangerous cd. I came home from school one day and my dad had bought a cd player. I didn’t know what it was but he showed it to me and showed me the cds and then gave me Dangerous.

What is your favorite song right now?
I’ve been pretty obsessed with the entire Radiohead album “The Bends”. I love every song on it and think that they complement each other so well. . .I’ve seriously been listening to it for weeks. I also really LOVE “The Bug” by Jerry Dahlman and the Knightcaps – It’s the song in Hairspray that Tracy dances to when she gets out of jail – her answer to “The Roach”. It absolutely blew my mind and we do a cover of it that’s almost completely unrecognizable.

If you were the musical guest on snl who would be your dream host?
John Waters or Jane Lynch.

What are your pets names?
I have the two best dogs: Hosehead and Miss Kitty

What is something about you that we would be surprised to hear?
I was raised by not one, but TWO United Methodist Ministers

Would you model for playboy, and if so what month would you wanna be on the cover?
It’s definitely not on my to-do list, but if I were asked, hell yeah! They pay well for that, and if people want to look at my body, I’m totally cool with it. Also, I wouldn't care what month. . . whatever.

What is the astrological sign you've dated most?
I don’t think there has been any repetition, but my boyfriend is a Virgo and he’s the one I’ve been able to stand the longest – so, Virgo, I guess.

What’s your favorite plant?
Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa

What’s your favorite food?
Pizza! It’s basically my life. I mean, I work at a pizza place, I love pizza, I hope to one day own my own pizza place. . .You can put anything on it (pretty much) and there are so many varieties. . .I’m not sure I could ever get sick of it. I do love food – I want to be a chef. I love eating fancy stuff and having dinner parties, but pizza is the perfect food.

If you could live anywhere else where would it be?
Charleston, S.C. and I plan to be there in the next few years. It’s like a little paradise right in the southeast which I LOVE! We went there on tour in January and we had a whole day off, but it rained and it was just a bummer, but I’ve been on one other occasion and I think it’s just the best! It’s near the ocean and it’s VERY pedestrian and bike friendly. There are so many restaurants and they even have a food and wine festival every year – plus, they have some fine pizzerias and it seems like a good place to be in the culinary business and also, that town needs some shaking up. I kind of want to be the one to do it – and then spends hours on the beach with my dogs.

What do you think about Charlie Sheen?
A few months ago I probably wouldn’t have any opinion at all – aside from I can’t stand to watch his movies/or his hit tv show. However, his new weirdness is intriguing and I enjoy reading about what he’s getting into in the tabloid magazines we have at work.

What do you think about Taylor Swift?
I try not to.

Who’s your favorite person in the whole world?
I kind of hate that question because I’m really lucky to have great friends and family, I have a cool boyfriend who I love to spend time with and we have lots of fun. . .But I guess I’ll say my mom – she does fuckin’ rule!

How long has trophy wife been around?
We started playing together as Trophy Wife in the fall of 2009 (October I’m pretty sure) and we had our first show in in March 2010.

How'd it start?
I knew Mary from a place we both worked and also from our gang – “The Summer Crew” and I had recently started hanging out with Sarah more as we played together in MACOS and sometimes played with Michael O’Flinn in the short-lived Party Cop. Mary and I also played together briefly with Crucial Fag Bait. I met Lauren Plum through Sarah and the four of us were the original Trophy Wife from Murfreesboro, TN. We just all wanted to play music and we had been but hadn’t really done anything that lasted very long (aside from solo stuff -) and in MACOS it’s just a different kind of band. Most people we know in the Boro play in bands and stuff and there are just an overwhelming majority of dudes who think girls shouldn’t be in bands – especially with them – but we were lucky to know some cool, very supportive people, who helped us to come into it and it was and continues to be a blast!


Trophy Wife's label, where you can buy the TW EP:

A review of the EP:

Photographs by Rob Beckham

Interview with Jay Schleidt by Eric Andre

Jay Schleidt is a prolific creative force. Constantly engaged in experimentation and manipulation of various mediums including, but not limited to: Sound, video, painting, zines, web design and clothing. He started performing experimental and noise shows in Murfreesboro Tennessee at the very end of the 90's and the beginning of the aughts. He has self released numerous tapes and compilations of his own work as well as other peoples work. Here is a recent interview with the artist that gives a lot of history and information about his creative processes. If you'd like to hear some of his music and that of the other artists on his new label Darbolistic Rex please visit Here he is in his own words.

You are a relatively prolific creative force. You make music, art, and zines. Can you tell
us when you began to come interested in being creative and experimenting with music?

May 9th, 1985 - for my fifth birthday I received a cassette recorder as a gift. Over the years I would play around with all sorts of sounds, ranging from field recordings of my brother and I fighting to completely improvisational one-man radio plays in which I performed as multiple characters and did all the foley art. When a tape would fill, I'd re-record over it with newer material. Listening repeatedly ingrained the sounds in my head much like a pop song. In highschool I was really truly experimenting with life and sound. I'd take apart tapes and tape decks and other electronics to see how they worked and capture recordings of them working in ways unintended by the manufacturers. Tape manipulation was pretty high on my charts as a preferred method of manipulating reality. Something I enjoyed doing was to manipulate the reels while a tape is recording, a sort of drastic stretching of time, logged on magnetic ribbon. These experiments eventually led to more experiments and new ideas on impromptu performance and the appreciation of methods and the sounds generated from such acts.

Are there any specific moments, objects, events or places that have helped shape and define
your aesthetic tastes? Also, would you care to share with us your own take on your specific tastes as it
pertains to your music and art?

Nothing specific, but more of a collected realization that compared to everyone I knew I was alone in my appreciation for complete and utter randomness.

You tend to create very unique,unusual music. At times handsomely organic and at times hopelessly mechanical. Some of it really abrasive and some of it very subtle.
Can you let us know about your general philosophies about the music, the process of making music/being creative and the importance of experimentation in your art?

The ability to improvise and experiment is the most important instrument I possess. It is not limited to note and chord knowledge, specific sound makers and the technical prowess to engage them, or conceptual constrictions which I think most people feel obligated (convinced, brainwashed) to follow during their own creative endeavors. 98% of what I do is completely improvisational, made at once with no pre-thought and caught on tape, then either deemed finished or mixed with something else (randomly or consciously). I tend to listen to my music many times over to give me a good idea of where to cut and what to cut out. My primary goal is to illicit brain growth.

You've had a great deal of musical projects including Yana, snma, branf, and Big SADS.
Can you tell us a little about these projects? Your processes and intentions? Any specific
high points or low points?

My first band was called the Big Bads. It was 1993 and I was twelve years old. I lived in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, which is an "8-Mile City" in the Detroit Metro area. My best and only friend was a fellow named Jason Arnold, who was simply phenomenal at beatboxing. We started the Big Bads because we were heavily influenced by a local rap group who came to our school with a message to stay in school and don't do drugs. I played keyboard beats and Big Bad A simultaneously did all the rapping, beatboxing, mouth guitar sounds, female backup singers, and hype-man shout-outs. We both wrote the lyrics and spent a lot of time practicing our songs. Our "newest the best biggest hit song" was called "Gangs" : You don't need gangs to have a good time, you can have a good time without gangs. Gangs do nothin' but fight - but before you fight let me tell you what's right, so you don't see the terrible sight of of of… GANGS! Here's some videos (you don't actually see me playing keyboard in the Gangs video because I had to hold the camera.)

My very first performance was in a duo I had with Yobleart, called beatfag. It was at the Redrose coffee shop in Murfreesboro, Tennessee c.2000. I hid behind some kind of podium on the side of the stage. People sipping lattes were suddenly interrupted by my piercing shrieks alternated with shaking a large tin can around the microphone like a maraca (it sounds like old school cartoon running). Yobleart taped down a single key on his keyboard and had the note going through some pedals while he played a tape of found sounds and his 1983 drum machine. Then I came out from my hiding spot and rolled around on the floor while making vocal intonations and garbled nonsense. Yobleart lit some firecrackers in a bucketed mic. We played for two minutes.

My girlfriend in the early 2000s was Carrie Sullivan (Fslux, Rigormortis Clitaurus). We seemed to have a tape in the recorder every day. Sometimes the fourtrack would just record the room, only to be flipped and layered with the previous recording multiple times over. We realized that at different times we wanted to make different types of sounds, so we put names on the different "bands" to help us distinguish. Forpermance was layers of homade samples. Buttercream was harsh power-electronics. Our main duo was branf, which was full of variety in sound and spirit. We performed as braannnf in Nashville, playing with New Faggot Cunts, Hair Police, and other cool acts. Our friend Josh joined us as Rygar for a Redrose show, and as Vee opening for Cock ESP and also for Reynols.

snma was my primary solo project for about a decade. It could be anything I wanted it to be. Screeching blasts of percolated rupture spasms, or dead silence for five minutes, or the recordings of home made instruments literally cut up and taped back together at random and swiped along a tape head, or a synthy dance beat, or a found sound collage, or or or … I never thought about genres or making things to fit a certain mood. My key interest was variety and spontaneity. In 2009 I realized I was making things which as a whole would be heard as somewhat musical in nature. To distinguish it from the more noisy and avant-garde recordings of snma, I called it Yana. (another reason I needed a new name was because people were constantly getting snma wrong; they'd type it SNMA or s.n.m.a. or smna.) With snma I generally shied away from beats and rythms unless they came out in the recording process. Under Yana I felt freer to utilize these aspects in creating some pretty interesting situations. It is still mostly unplanned on-the-spot recordings, but I think I've gotten better at using equipment to my will instead of "what does this do?" Now, it could be argued that since I am more familiar with the way things work it might be considered less experimental, however I am approaching it with the same sense of random aesthetic as always, so I would say my work is just less naive.

In 2006 I was a member of a multi-piece improv unit called Shelf Life. The other key members were Bryan Day, Alex Boardman, and Joseph Jaros, with various combinations of sit-in artists. We performed at all sorts of locations: a public park in the middle of the day for the Dog Days of Summer Fest, smoky bars, a wine and cheese superbowl afterparty, an art gallery performance space where they had us play for over three hours, and other art-spots and basements.

Summer of 2008 Brock Muench and I decided to combine our childhoods with the things we love about music experimentation and mind expansion. He had made these teleporting dinosaur comics called "Super Armored Dinosaurs" (S.A.D.s), and I was in the Big Bads. The result was the Big Sads. Our approach was to hit record and make some sound. We'd extract portions of the recordings and develop them into somewhat structured songs on top of which we put lyrics, usually about dinos and goofiness. As the project evolved, sometimes it would be Brock using a few samples from my recordings to make a new track, or I would take our improvising tapes and smoosh em together, or we'd go back and forth, each changing it a little or a lot before giving it to the other to work on.

Here's a quick list of some of my different projects which have had releases put out, both from different people on their labels, or by me on mine. snma, Yana, Pink Blatch, Oni Oba, F, Clitflick & Dillroy, beatfag, branf, Forpermance, Vee, Butler, Brote, Sexplanation and Scheiße!, buttercream, BigSad, The Big Bads, In A Built-In Band, gammarave, Mysticosm, Talonescu, Gill Cosby, Hi-5 for Bliss Boys, Action Phantom, Aisle of Few, Isle of Few, Q'mir, sloo undus fur vestahol, Dander, Concepticons, Sass A Frass Whole, A Ton of Veins, Obl. Obsc., Count Prudence, Morning Foam.

You mentioned that your music may be less "naive" now because you are more familiar with your tools. I myself often wonder about art that seems naive. Is it genuinely naive or is it just a desired aesthetic? Are the people creating this naive art academic students or true folk artists? It's generally hard to tell what is intentional and what is more.. I guess pure. How do you feel about naive art (music, painting, video, etc.)? Or I guess the comparison of truly pure naivete and intentional naivete. Do you feel intentional naivete is as legitimate or is it more of a deception? And if it is deceptive is that a part of the quality that makes it interesting? Is it more "important" either way?

Some things you can't fake. Intense focus of intentions combined with a shift in the level of experience gradually propels artists out of the membrane of naivete and into a realm populated with comfort and procedure. After time takes a punch

I've played with many musicians who say they wish they could go back and unlearn the knowledge of how to play their instruments because it impeded their improvising skills. On the flipside I've played with many excellent improvisers who knew exactly what they were doing when creating something unique and new. The level of naivete seems to be dependent upon the person performing and the audience listening. At countless live shows I see people bobbing their heads and cheering someone who they perceive to be a master of their equipment, but from my perspective it looks like they are often confused at every new sound, just twiddling knobs and experimenting in front of people, hoping something cool comes out. Is it the appreciation for the concept which drives the


Can you tell us a little bit more about your video art? I know you had a video piece on a touring exhibit last year and you've always done really interesting videos. If I'm not mistaken you used to make VHS video comps and pass them around. Sort of like VHS albums. Can you tell us about that?

I had a videocamera at my disposal in adolescence with which I filmed claymation and stop-motion time-based experiments, murder-mystery theatre involving my family as characters, visual feedback loops, "Homegrown Inbred Goat Fighters," and really just plain wackiness playing with light and electronics. One day years later, I pulled out the old VHS camera to make some videos with my new project snma as an overlay. Something was wrong, and the camera was dying, making these gorgeous impressionistic blossoms of color and grainy white blobs instead of clear images. I hit record and filmed the optical destruction, adding sound to it both from the new recordings and live to tape. The result was a VHS comp I dubbed snma "hurrrrruah.” The very first snma tracks ever are the first two videos on the tape, "XCGHIH" and "nun," although "XCGHIH" was recorded to the camera at a different speed, resulting in a drastically stretched and enjoyable soundtrack to the convoluted vision on screen. So that camera died and I turned to the VCR and the free cable we were getting at the time. While watching t.v. I would record a few seconds here, a few seconds there. Really random stuff that would be on. When the tape ended I would rewind to a random spot and record a few seconds, and repeat the process as before, but going backwards to the beginning of the tape, inserting snips into the mix nonsensically. At the start of the tape, repeat, but by fast-forwarding to a random spot. When watched as a completed film, crazy coincidences would pop out of the montage, and it would have a definite swing to the cuts and motion. I think I gave away some of these crazy tapes to be used as brainfood for friends. Carrie got me a new 8mm camera and I would apply this same method to my video recording, finding all sorts of interesting combinations and switches exploding using solely home made visuals. In college I studied computer graphics, and was in a 3D graphics program for two years, learning the software and techniques used in making movies like we see nowadays. For the final video project I teamed up with a friend and a girl who offered us the use of the character she was working on for the whole semester if we'd include her in with our project. This made the required length of the video 3 minutes, one for each person involved. I made some scenes to put the figure in and used camera motion and lots of cuts to different shots to give it variety. This worked well for me since a shorter shot takes less rendering time, so I was able to piece together the whole 3 minute video from smaller portions while my classmates stayed up for days waiting for their one minute videos to render, some never even finished. I was asked to provide some videos for a couple of group exhibits which showed in Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta, and the DC area. Although unable to attend, I found a review online which remarked favorably on my video -yet the description given had nothing to do with the events in my film -something about people playing Lynrd Skynrd covers?? -so I assume the reviewer confused my work with someone else's. Lately I've had the honor to have my videos used as projections for friends' performances in Oakland, Detroit, and here in Iowa City. My dream is to someday do live projection mixing, instead of merely pressing play. Upcoming video I'm working on (which might be done by the time this interview is published) is for a track by a hip-hop artist, Asiatic, who has an album coming out on I Had An Accident Records.


I heard you were just recently contacted by some folks in Oxford to sell some of your tapes to them for a gallery exhibit and then inclusion in the permanent collection of the Popular Music Research Unit. That sounds great. Can you tell us a little bit more about this project?

Yes, it is very exciting for me. Oxford Brookes University along with Oxford Contemporary Music is hosting an exhibition / zine fair / live performances / lecture / situation Saturday 26th March – Sunday 24th April. "Editions of You" will focus on self-released handmade editions of music and print media. They showed interest in my work, so I sent some examples. Wish I could attend!


I seem to recall you also used to DJ on MTSU's college radio station. Can you tell us more about that. Any supremely interesting things that may have happened during that period?

Had a few slots on WMTS, mainly we'd go in Friday nights at midnight and get crazy for a few hours. The shows would go something like this: a pretty song by a female artist begins, and within a few minutes we'd start up a record by Merzbow or Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase, add a CD of train sounds, put on another record, and then yell. At times two cd players, two record players, and a tape player would all be playing simultaneously, and getting mixed in and out, creating new interesting compositions. Oh, and we would perform on-air, and have guests call in and perform. You must realize that at this time, c.2000, there was absolutely no sort of appreciation for noise and experimental music in the general population, or at least not like there is now. We were considered weirdos and were shoved to the side as an artsy-fartsy untalented novelty. Don't get me wrong, there were a few supporters and like-minded artists, and over the years the kinds of things we were doing have gradually become more accepted and culturally relevant, but back then we were mainly doing these things for our own enjoyment, and that of the intoxicated people staying up late tuning in. Currently I am the host of a show on called the Acid Living Room, airing Tuesday nights at 10, with archived shows available to stream. I only play things that are sent to me by the artist who made it or the label which released it. I am constantly in need of more material, and I encourage anyone who makes or puts out their own soundworks to send me mp3s (each track less than 10 minutes). DE.LINQO@YAHOO.COM Viva-Radio has a physical base in Brooklyn, and it is the in-store music system for American Apparel stores worldwide, so your music has a built-in audience.


If you had a chance to be a real fine lady would anyone ever know?

If I was anybody else it might go unnoticed, however my main job for the past few years has been as a nude artists' model for the local college and university. Honestly, it would probably get me more gigs.


Are you more of a beer or water person?

Water. I drink lots of water. It makes beer.

Assuming subjectivity is the cause for bad taste. What do you think about that?

The mind being involved precipitates the taste's state in the first place. Assuming no one is listening to it is inherently good in taste sans any dilution within conscious interaction, a chance of being met good taste.

Assuming objectivity is the cause for good taste. What do you think about that?

When there is no self to not be encapsulated in the sound, the music happens upon a blank stage and cannot be therefore judged by any intellectual or aesthetic concerns other than the sole act of its presence existing.

Can you tell us a little about your past, present and future labels? More specifically
Grel and the newly housed

The decision to begin a recordings label happened in 2000. The idea was formed from a series of logical steps. I was meeting a lot of people (like you, Eric) who were interested in art and music that stimulate the mind, which is my primary goal in recording. I wanted to be able to say "check out my new stuff" and then give someone a tape to make their tongues dry out. Experimentation was rife, and many hours were captured on an army of cassettes. The kind of sounds that were being made were so different from regular music that the concept of putting the recordings in the same old type of standard plastic case which surrounds most other media was obtuse. Packaging should reflect the recording it contains: handmade; abstract; difficult to get into; not made for mass consumption; mind expanding; style defying. grel was started with my first ever release, a snma tape called "hkhhr" (snma and hkhhr are onomatopoeia, please read as such). The cassette's case was a drawn-on photocopy of a picture i took of what looked like an imploded bird. A different insect was taped next to the hand-written track-listing on each sheet; my copy has a rhinoceros beetle; I remember one of them had a flea. Through grel I put out about 35 tapes, cdrs, and floppy disks by myself and people who contacted me after finding the website. In 2005, I graduated from college in Oklahoma and thought I was embarking on a life-long vision-quest in the Tennessee wilderness, but before it could happen it was over, and so was grel. I lived with my dad in Iowa for a few years and during this time I hinted to myself that I was going to start a new label called De Linqo Donkeyhut, but I could never get up the gumption to make it happen. With a hint from Yobleart, a new label was started to focus on 3.5" floppy-disks and micro-cassettes, called atlatl. On most floppies was a .html file. Once opened, the music would start playing on a loop, and there's pictures and words to accompany it, provided by the sound artist. At this point I think the coding is outdated and the sound might not play as it used to, but all the files are at the link if you care to check them out. The first release was by Dereck Higgins, and this one had three play buttons under three flashy .gifs, which could be played simultaneously and scrubbed back and forth, like DJing with his sound samples. The second floppy held simply a flash .swf file. A large, red, slashy swoosh rests on a green background, nestling a continuously bulging circle, with an indeterminate shape morphing in a loop in the bottom corner. When hovered over, the red slash turns blue and twitches around like a tar-monster trapped in a net while some sound fades in. It's Jerserf Wheet, a.k.a. Joseph Whitt, AMANDA's documentarian brother. Upon clicking and holding the now blue shape, it turns yellow and bulges while a computer voice starts spewing poetry. The circle in the middle reveals Jerserf's bio, and the morphing corner shape has contact info. Six floppies total came out during this time, c.2006. The next year I moved to Iowa City and tried making friends but failed miserably due to some kind of social awkwardness which puppets my body to it's whims. 2008: Zine A Day. At some point, Andrew Werth, the Lation conveyer, came to me with a few websites he bought for the fun of it, just to see what could happen. One of the domains was I installed Wordpress on it, and established an FTP entrance so users could upload their recordings and share with the world. After a while something happened to the page and I had to scrap the whole concept. At the end of 2008 came a new label, Darbolistic Rex, which I placed on mainly for something to be there. It began in a similar manner as grel, but the point was to be more collaborative with the packaging and design. Sometimes the sound artist to be released would send all the tapes or cds dubbed and packaged, just needing Darbolistic Rex to act like a distributor. In the midst of all this, during the summer of 2009, I realized I had a lot of recordings from years gone by that would probably not ever get released in any normal sense, so I started Burd Turd Tapes to get them out into the world. The thing about Burd Turd is that it was tapes of unheard music made by me, but I made up new anonymous names and put the recordings on recycled tapes, no album art whatsoever, and all as single-copies. Then I would place the tape in the Strange Tractor box, which is a newsbox in downtown Iowa City that can be thought of as an anonymous art/music/clothing/etc. trade drop-off site. Three of the Burd Turd Tapes were created by Rob Beckham as MEGAMIX (each in their own cases), and one tape was by Brock Muench as DPRVTY. I continued to release things on Darbolistic Rex, including "A Pairing In Disorder" a 60 artist compilation on dual cassettes, with 5-color screenprinting in a handmade paper case I designed myself. With one sheet of cardstock paper I figured out how to make two 2-tape holders using just a few simple cuts and folds. End of summer 2010 Yobleart became my roommate, and we started a new collaborative label, Ears to Iowa, to put our new recordings on. In January of this year for one week I did the Gilden God Tape Label. The sound is almost all me, but it is even more accessible and "music-like" than my previous efforts, so I decided to release the tapes in traditional plastic cases on short cassettes (1 minute and 10 minutes). Except for the CATMARE / Mysticosm split, all the album art is made of pieces I recovered from Ally's scrap pile; printing tests, misprints, extras. I might continue with Gilden God, we'll see. Darbolistic Rex is still the main thing for me nowadays. Upcoming releases include a VHS compendium of my videos from 1993 (Big Bads) to 2010 (Fslux "four") featuring a letterpress print of a cat wearing a hat, a Luminous 5CD pentagon shaped accordion box set I've been working on for a while, and a split tape between Problems That Fix Themselves and Microdepression.

If you had $1,000 and you were a werewolf, what do you think you would do?

Are werewolves immortal? If so, I would invest the money and in a few hundred years spend the interest on a cure for my werewolfism. Oh, and chickens, I love chicken.

What are some of the bigger influences on your music?

Cooper Whittlesey is a human being and also a higher astral self who lives in my neighborhood and communicates with me through dreams.

What are some the newer things you've heard that you really liked? Things that were different
or more unique?

The first thing that springs into mind is this stellar compilation from the French label, la station radar. All about variety; there's such a fine assortment of styles and truly cool catchy jams that I feel it must be heard to be believed. On the noisier side I must recommend keeping an ear out for upcoming Point From Rooftops releases, Kevin's been making some really cool things that excite my senses.


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South by South Wendys!


This past Friday at SXSW, Narlwhalz and Juiceboxxx collab, Oregeno Pete, Sneakshit Saturdays, Rene Hell, Blastoids (M'Boro) and The Sloppy Syrup Gurls (which was an all star fuckfest collab which I'm sure included Jeremy Harris since he is an allstar fuckfest), Shams, Taterbug and the Fryguys played a showcase called South by South Wendy's at a Wendy's Chain restaurant in Austin. Rodger Stella was there disguised as the Swiss Miss girl. Narlwhalz woke up the next morning in a pile of trash covered in ketchup outside the Wendy's. He was pissed at Juiceboxxx for throwing his mic in some fries but was over it when he found Juiceboxxx left him a baconater in his merch box.
Narlwhalz tweeted this on Saturday:

brian blomerth
pupsintrouble brian blomerth
thanks 4 makin the show at the wendys the most fucked yet props to the swiss miss gurl ragin. matador wants to sign me fuck you #sxsw
19 Mar Favorite Retweet Reply

So I was bummed no one had a camera or bothered to send me photos, but then I was reading Nashville Cream today and found this photo and story about head Cream blogger Steve Haruch's South by South Wendys experience:

"After the Flag, Ben made the call to hit a Wendy's for some dietarily questionable grub on the way back to the hotel, and the parking lot was like some kind of zombie-movie scene, with people wandering through listlessly, and a crowd of people hanging off the side of a raised lot, holding onto a railing while they watched some sort of chill-wavy band play in front of a parked school bus. The music was so loud that you couldn't hear anything, so Ben just kept yelling "Hello?! Hello?! Hello?!" in the general direction of the drive-thru speaker until we finally just pulled around to the window. Surreality: high and rising."

I'm pretty sure that the girl on the left is Jeremy Harris's new gal pal, Daryl, and Jeremy to the right of her. No Stella photo but here's an old one:

Friday, March 18, 2011

Unicorn Hard-On Mixtape on Vice Italy Blog

Vice Italy has posted one of Val Martino's awesome mixtapes on their blog. Once you google translate it, the article sends mad love to Val (and her red hair), Rat Bastard, International Noise Conference, Liz Armstrong, my black eyes, and I Just Live Here label. In fact, the mix is dedicated to I Just Live Here's Mascot, Puff Mutt.


Hobbledeions - Terwilliger/Twittch
Night Burger - Did You Know Him? (Demo Version)
Container - Cauterize
Laser Poodle - sbbbzzzzzzzzzzzchhshh
Outmode - Ripping Skull
Unicorn Hard-on - Spell Caster
Leslie Keffer - Dormant Torment (actually its give it up)
Humanbeast - In Heels
Outer Space - The Planck Era


Thursday, March 17, 2011

John Zorn Hosting a Japan Benefit Show in NYC Featuring Sonic Youth and Yoko Ono

John Zorn has organized a benefit at Miller Theatre at Columbia University on Sunday March 27th, featuring twelve acts from indie rock to jazz to avant-garde. “The tragedy and devastation is really overwhelming,” says John Zorn, who organized and will host the evening. “I’ve always felt a strong personal connection to Japan, and I’m just glad to be able to do my part to help. It should be an amazing night.”

The lineup includes performances by Sonic Youth, Yoko Ono, Mike Patton, Sean Lennon,Cibo Matto, Mephista, Marc Ribot, Uri Caine, Aleph Trio and host, John Zorn. The event is already sold out! Funds will be donated to the Japan Society’s Earthquake Relief Fund.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Derek Schartung and Lissy Griesmer are Engaged!

Derek Schartung of Taiwan Deth and Malocchio fame has met a classy young lady from Akron, Ohio and the two are engaged. Alissa "Lissy" Griesmer and Derek met at a screening of Michael Carter's Dave Cloud Documentary on Sunday September 12, 2010 at the Springwater in Nashville. She is a Leo and Schartung is a Capricorn. They both like eating cereal and watching cartoons. (And I am pretty sure they are both computer geniuses!) The wedding is set for June 25, 2011 in Cleveland, Ohio at College Club of Cleveland. A Nashville party will happen as well, details to be announced at a later date but rumor has it DJ Furcoat and DJ Teen Stream might DJ the Nashville Wedding Party at Betty's Grill! We will keep you posted!

Doug From Moth Cock Smoked a Blunt with Twista

Before Doug Gent of Mothcock left for his tour last week with Outer Space and Drainolith, he got to hang out with Twista at his record store, Underground Vinyl, which used to be Turnip Records. They hung out all day, getting blazed on blunts, talking about which new Britney Spears single they liked better and if Ke$ha was hotter than Lady Gaga. Doug claims the two have been texting regularly since his visit. "We became fast friends, Twista is really just like one of us! He's laid back, likes to toke and left with a Ke$ha CD and a Fire Death record."

I'm super psyched about this because this is my new favorite jam: Chris Brown 'Look at Me Now' Remix feat. Twista and 'Lil Wayne <3<3

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Friends We Know Who Are Safe After the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

Jim O'Rourke is reported to be safe in Japan!

Also on Facebook today Makoto Kawabata, member and founder of Acid Mothers Temple, posted this:

"thanks everyone. i'm ok. i was in the Shinkansen express train from Tokyo to Nagoya when it was happened. though the train was stopped for 2 hours and 40 minutes, i could arrived at the venue Tokuzo in Nagoya just before the Acid Mothers Guru Guru and SWR's show. i think all of AMT are safe. thanks a lot!!"

This just in (thanks @ENE_RVA via twitter) Melt Banana, Ultra Fuckers, and Hauro of Sufers of Romantica/Lost Frog have all confirmed safety.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Tuesday March 15 at Betty's Grill

Don't miss this show if you are in Nashville! At 10pm (Sharp!) the show will start with Triplefin, who is Tim Carey of the local drone group 84001 performing his solo dance jams for the first time. Next up we will have Hobbledeions, Scott Martin's solo project of blast beats and weird sounds.

Then in the middle of the locals will be Mothcock, from Kent, Ohio. Here's a preview:

Then Drainolith from Michigan (Alex Moskos of Aids Wolf, Thames, Unireverse):

Then up next is Outer Space (John Elliott of Emeralds):

And finally, Unicorn Hard-On will end the evening with her Electribe sweetness:

So there you have it! The show is $3-$5 and I encourage you to bring extra ca$h for the amazing merch these guys are gonna have!
Miss the gossip? Please send or msg me on facebook any gossipy info you may have!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Check It Out: Sasha Wiseman/Coppertone

Sasha Wiseman of Coppertone has an awesome website that includes a baking blog, sewing and alterations, travel scenes, and awesome Coppertone sounds and visuals. Here are some samples, but its definitely a site everyone should check out!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Carly Ptak's Actualization Apparatus

Here is Carly Ptak's "Actualization Apparatus" Radionic Device, which is the cover of 100th issue of Showpaper curated by Max Eisenberg. Showpaper is a free bi-weekly print-only publication which lists and promotes every all-ages & DIY show in the NYC / tri-state area. Each issue also features a full color piece of art by a contemporary artist.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Random News

Noah Anthony collects celebrity phone numbers. He is willing to trade. His latest additions are Scarlett Johannson, Sissy Spacek, and Dustin Hoffman.

I was in the Nashville Scene's people issue about booking shows at Betty's Grill.

Ben Marcantel's solo project,Sugar Skulls, released a new video filmed by Kelli Shay Hix on Super 8mm film. This track was taken from the digital album Another Micheal Mann Film which can be downloaded (for free!) via bandcamp:

sugar sk*-*lls: c. de gualle rilye'd up from Kelli Shay Hix on Vimeo.

And to keep up on Charlie Sheen news here's a tribute cdr from Jeresy Flesh label JF-09: STAB WOUND EXIT WOUND - "ADDICTED TO WINNING" that you can sample and buy here.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Night Burger to Release 3xLP/Laser Disc on Sub Pop Records

...or is it Merge Records? Rumor has it Night Burger is releasing "Conditioning Trench" 3xlp/Laser Disc on Sub Pop. However, according to Noah Anthony's Facebook page it is actually going to be released by Merge instead. Night Burger will play the first annual Merge Records Savage Weekend Festival at Nightlight in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. When asked why he chose Merge over Sub Pop, Anthony commented, "Honestly, I'd rather tour with Arcade Fire, Lambchop(so I can hang out with my dude, Scott Martin), and Caribou than the likes of Postal Service and Wolf Eyes. I heard that chick in Arcade Fire really digs my "Southern Man" tape."

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Kurt Wagner & Cortney Tidwell Show Betty's Some Love

Kurt Wagner and one of my BFFs Cortney Tidwell of KORT are guest-editing Magnet Magazine online this week. Tidwell is using her posts to reflect on "great moments of heartache in art and music". Check out her post on Johnny Paycheck and Sigmar Polke. Wagner has posted about the AeroPress coffee maker and our favorite place to play and hear weird music in Nashville, Betty's Grill! Wagner on Bettys: "It’s now been going strong for quite a while, and there amongst the NASCAR regulars and the pool table, you can find on any given night great unheralded musical situations. There’s no stage and a minimum PA, but the vibe is great and the beer is cheap. Short of going to another “house show” in town, this place fills the niche that’s been lacking around town since way back when Steve Earle stood on Bob Dylan’s coffee table in his cowboy boots." His post has a video of KORT playing at Betty's, but I am going to post it here as well.

KORT at Betty's, October 14th, 2010 from djb on Vimeo.

Noisy News

Mikko Aspa (Grunt)noticed the new webstore for Bloodlust! in Chicago is
listing CD-Rs as CDs. Basically, Aspa claims the site is charging $15 for a .50 cent plastic disc. You can read about it here. Oh, the Drama!

Robert Beatty of Hair Police and of Lexington, KY hates guitars. He told members of Street Gnar, Warmer Milks, CROSS, Tiny Fights and Tight Leather at a party, "Guitars-there's just no use for 'em." Beatty has become "Captain Avant Garde" lately, playing "serious adult synth noise for art students" at almost every University show that is booked in Lexington. FUCK GUITARS! #teamcaptainavantgarde

Carlos Giffoni and Jim O'Rourke to tour Japan together this Spring playing solo sets and doing a collaboration each night.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Steve Bristol to Conduct Girl Fart Orchestra Next Year at INC

Miami based musician, Steve Bristol, has an extreme fart fetish and he's ready to take it from to the stage. "Next year at INC I wanna conduct butts, not just any though, only women. I figure if they have skirts on with nothing underneath it would be kind of rated X, but not like Costes, but close...I just want to be around all the bubble butts blasting." Bristol already has women lined up for his orchestra but is seeking more. "It won't just be girls farting. It will be real music. I'm gonna mic the butts and add effects and my own flare to the fart sounds. I refer to it as 'intra-anal-acoustic' music." If any ladies are interested in performing at next year's INC in the Fart Orchestra you can message Bristol on Facebook.