Monday, March 21, 2011

South by South Wendys!


This past Friday at SXSW, Narlwhalz and Juiceboxxx collab, Oregeno Pete, Sneakshit Saturdays, Rene Hell, Blastoids (M'Boro) and The Sloppy Syrup Gurls (which was an all star fuckfest collab which I'm sure included Jeremy Harris since he is an allstar fuckfest), Shams, Taterbug and the Fryguys played a showcase called South by South Wendy's at a Wendy's Chain restaurant in Austin. Rodger Stella was there disguised as the Swiss Miss girl. Narlwhalz woke up the next morning in a pile of trash covered in ketchup outside the Wendy's. He was pissed at Juiceboxxx for throwing his mic in some fries but was over it when he found Juiceboxxx left him a baconater in his merch box.
Narlwhalz tweeted this on Saturday:

brian blomerth
pupsintrouble brian blomerth
thanks 4 makin the show at the wendys the most fucked yet props to the swiss miss gurl ragin. matador wants to sign me fuck you #sxsw
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So I was bummed no one had a camera or bothered to send me photos, but then I was reading Nashville Cream today and found this photo and story about head Cream blogger Steve Haruch's South by South Wendys experience:

"After the Flag, Ben made the call to hit a Wendy's for some dietarily questionable grub on the way back to the hotel, and the parking lot was like some kind of zombie-movie scene, with people wandering through listlessly, and a crowd of people hanging off the side of a raised lot, holding onto a railing while they watched some sort of chill-wavy band play in front of a parked school bus. The music was so loud that you couldn't hear anything, so Ben just kept yelling "Hello?! Hello?! Hello?!" in the general direction of the drive-thru speaker until we finally just pulled around to the window. Surreality: high and rising."

I'm pretty sure that the girl on the left is Jeremy Harris's new gal pal, Daryl, and Jeremy to the right of her. No Stella photo but here's an old one:

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i can see rodger's lil wee wee