Friday, March 11, 2011

Tuesday March 15 at Betty's Grill

Don't miss this show if you are in Nashville! At 10pm (Sharp!) the show will start with Triplefin, who is Tim Carey of the local drone group 84001 performing his solo dance jams for the first time. Next up we will have Hobbledeions, Scott Martin's solo project of blast beats and weird sounds.

Then in the middle of the locals will be Mothcock, from Kent, Ohio. Here's a preview:

Then Drainolith from Michigan (Alex Moskos of Aids Wolf, Thames, Unireverse):

Then up next is Outer Space (John Elliott of Emeralds):

And finally, Unicorn Hard-On will end the evening with her Electribe sweetness:

So there you have it! The show is $3-$5 and I encourage you to bring extra ca$h for the amazing merch these guys are gonna have!
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feverqueen said...

scomar RULEZ <3