Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Is Jessica Rylan Suing Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor?

According to Pitchfork, Grizzly Bear member Chris Taylor will release Dreams Come True, the debut album from his solo project CANT this September. The album is to be released on Taylor's own Terrible Records, and internationally from Warp. Can't has been Jessica Rylan's band name for at least a decade. Jessica Rylan is an electronic musician, sound artist, and synthesizer builder who lives and performs in the Boston area. Rylan creates music as Can't, defining it as her more rock guise, in contrast to the "serious" music she produces under her own name. Take him down, girl!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Please join your fellow noisers and go on a noise strike until Lambsbread's Zac Davis is released from the clink. Thurston Moore started the strike today, telling Noisebloid, "This is my summer of no noise- I'm on a noise strike until they release Zac Davis from prison!" Moore posted on the Chondritic Sound Forum today: "this may be a blessing for some (most), but it's all pretty acoustic suicide sex light until the boy strolls free".

Rumor has it Davis got into trouble because he entered a store he was barred from (because he had stolen from there before) and the owner had him arrested.

Angels In America Don't Know How to Drive

Angels in America, an up and coming band from Baltimore, bought a new car and booked a month long tour only to total the car the second day because none of them knew how to drive. They then rented a car and stopped showing up to shows they booked. Rumors are flying that the band is actually a couple of 15 year-olds and they are stuck somewhere (Jail? Gramma's?).

Look Alike of the Day

Sarah Cozart of Trophy Wife and Young Werepanther from True Blood

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Where to get the Best Steak In Portland According to Kevin Shields

When Nic Tammens of Susie's Lite (Melbourne) was living in Portland, Oregon Kevin Shields and fiance Brock took him out for "the best steak ever". Ms. Shields took them to Acropolis Steakhouse which also doubles as a Strip Club. "It really was the best steak I ever had and I live in Australia." Tammens told Noisebloid. The girls were beautiful as well, so Shields gave her future hubby $50 and told him to "spend it wisely"!

GUTTER: Girls of Noise a Film by Lauren Boyle

featuring Nancy Garcia, Unicorn Hard-On, Sarah from Faggot, Leslie Keffer, Heather from Social Junk and MORE

Friday, July 08, 2011

Adriane Schramm Interview By Nancy Garcia

Adriane and I found each other in a room full of people and art. We both had work in the NOISE/ART show curated by Thurston at K.S. Art gallery in May 2008. The day of the opening, I was going to be playing as part of a duo with Thurston that night, across the street at the Knitting Factory at No Fun Fest. Adriane had this amazing painting in the show, the album cover for Leslie Keffer's "Feels Like Frenching". I was drawn to the piece in a bodily way. Visceral. I could feel her hand painting and drawing in realtime, the bulges, words being passed through bleeding colors of dripping, oozing flesh. Bleeding. Flesh. Words. Bulges.

Leslie Keffer "Give it Up/Dorment Torment" EP, Ecstatic Peace Records, acrylic, paint pen on paper, 4 ft X 4.5 ft, 2010.

Adriane Schramm's work is as much about experience as it is about the body and human psyche. She fully envelops the viewer like the mountains of color and shades of skin that surround and squeeze through the text in her posters for music shows. If you've got a gut, she's going for it. You should go for it too. She's got new stuff up at Port D'Or starting this weekend.

1. What is your favorite part of a magazine?

WORST DRESSED! (shows what magazines I read)

2. If you could be anyone for just one day, who would you be?

I'd like to be a really strong, beautiful black man. I know the energy I'd receive would be like so alien to my own real experience, it'd feel like an acid trip. But, the last time I did cocaine, I was writing out a fantasy in my journal where I was a big titty'd, giant assed, plastic surgery addict, drunk, who only wears wigs, lipstick and lingerie. I had an endless supply of pills, lived in a neon pink apartment with palm trees, a lover that only loves me for my body and he seduces me on a pink rug. Then, he leaves and I eat noodles on my big pink bed with a bunch of cats and watch Bravo. Also, I only get around in my giant, pink wheelchair. I think it was the feminine equivalent of a viking war fantasy where you get to rape maidens, and eat raw buffalo meat and snakes.

3. If you could make someone be in love with you for just one day, who would it be?

I used to wish so hard my stuffed animals would come to life when I was real little, but now I have kittens and I think they are definitely in love with me because they purr all the time and let me flip them over and nuzzle their bellies.

Drum painting for Tom Tom Magazine Issue #4, acrylic, paint pen on drum skin, 2010

4. What is the least interesting trait in a person?


5. What is the most intriguing yet typically least noticeable trait in a person?

I think everyone is so horrifically misunderstood it's crazy. It's like a ping pong match of my projections versus your projections and everyone is just forced to define themselves some way to get through everybody else's baggage. It might be that personality is nothing but a pile of thwarts against the infinite misunderstandings. Like, why is Tina so quiet? Maybe she's quiet because she groomed herself down to not be misidentified so much. We all usually try to make things easier for ourselves. The fascinating people are those that make everything harder!

6. Where did you sleep last night?

I slept with a JubJub.

Church of Michael Jackson, Sermon #3, Ready-Made Magazine photo by Liz Armstrong, Wild Project Space, New York, NY, 2011

7. If you could lead a revolution (and I know you can) where would you do it? And why?

The revolution will happen inside of us. The most important revolution will be when everyone realizes that life is not random, that we are loved, pain is a tool and life is a school prepping you for an amazing graduation. I would love to eat painkillers, order KFC, and watch E! all day, but every hour you spend doing that means one more hour away from graduation. That makes me feel too tired.

8. The most interesting secret you've ever heard ...

Arnold Schwarzenegger poops in hotel bathtubs.

9. The most challenging travel experience...

I think if you obtain the right combination of marijuana and adderall, ecstasy or dedicate your life to Kundalini yoga, you can begin to travel as a real student of this incarnation and get to your next incarnation much quicker, but it can feel like a very scary trip, like in a dream where your senses are making you feel like a stranger. But we belong everywhere and anywhere. Water anywhere has passed through everywhere infinitely. There is a pattern for all life, which we are a part of. I realized how important it was to work through the fear. The challenge is that we will never not be students while we are here and you will be set back if you don't observe these patterns and step through fear. I woke up really early the other morning and there was a sun shower and it was extra magically gorgeous. I got this emotional pang in my gut. I felt like the world was sad that everyone was inside these days. I got a message.

10. Besides the hype, what differentiates a truly interesting artist from an overhyped artist?


Church of Michael Jackson, Sermon #3 Headress, googly eyes, glue, Xerox paper, plastic, lace, 2011

11. Describe a time you were able to identify truth...

The other day we were listening to the Bobby Beausoleil " The Lucifer Rising Suite". We began an athletically intense conversation about this incarnation. All these questions were regurgitating out of our heads and we just kept eating them back up again, answering them all! All the answers were right there in the patterns of nature. We both felt our foreheads begin to throb and they felt hot. Once the record was over, we felt we had graduated spiritually. We realized that there must have been so much miracle intent in that record. There was more truth in these albums than almost anything I have ever heard in a long time.

12. When you hear the word forever, it reminds you of...


13. Three words that describe your work…

Psychedelic, anxious, exalting.

14. Three words you've heard others use to describe your work…

Psychedelic, detailed, gross.

15. Your favorite time of day and why?

There is so much hope in the beginning. Early morning.

Nancy Garcia " Be the Climb " LP , Ecstatic Peace, Record Release Show poster, acrylic, paint pen on paper, 2 ft X 1.5 ft, 2009

16. Most memorable experience at a carnival, fair, or amusement park…


17. The hardest you've cried, deepest or intellectually-exhausted you've felt after watching or seeing a film, work of art, performance, read a book, etc...

I recently read "Just Kids" by Patti Smith and swallowed that book down to the end HARD and sobbed heart-break sobs when it was finished! I cried the kind of crying that feels like shit ejecting from your stomach. Like when you miss someone that doesn't love you. Then I stayed up all night, put like 5 layers of Revlon foundation on my face, and started drawing S&M gear all over everything and thinking about a sex harness more like it was an X-mas garland. I was completely possessed by the spirit of Robert Mapplethorpe! He made me think about the repossession of the spirit through S&M. That S&M is to create wholeness and peace, even though it appears to be violent and chaotic. It is a very powerful magic for making an equal union between flesh and spirit. I've always thought that Kundalini yoga, drumming, and spanking would be the miracle triad for curing anxiety.

18. Memory of a time you wanted to put your face in the grass or plant your feet into the ground...

ALL THE TIME. Every day I want to dig holes in the ground. I'm an earth sign so I crave mud. It tastes good, don't wash carrots.

19. There's a fine line between...

I used to believe in fine lines, but now I think patience will dissolve them. I like when you said, "sometimes under all the noise and dead skin there's chicken soup and roses." That is my favorite quote right now.

20. Truth is...

Seth Putnam singing "Everything."

thanks ladies xoxo lk

adriane schramm and nancy garcia