Thursday, December 15, 2011

Is True Love the Reason for NYC's Hospital Productions Closing?

Sadly, Hospital Productions,one of NYC's most iconic record/tape stores closed this year. The owner, Dominck Fernow (Prurient, Cold Cave), who sold most of his stock to St. Louis' APOP Records, didn't "need" to close but was ready to move on from NYC to sunny Los Angeles. But rumor has it that Fernow closed the store and moved to L.A. for a very special woman.
Fernow seemed distraught in a recent interview when he spoke of his love leaving him in New York and moving across the country, "I felt that it was related to an experience that I had with a woman who I was living with for years who decided one night that she wanted children and would move to Los Angeles. So here’s a person that I spent years with who basically disappeared from my life overnight." Could this be the real reason Fernow moved to L.A. and closed the store?

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