Saturday, January 14, 2012

Aaron Hibbs' Walk Around the Country Leads Him to His Destiny

As we reported back last September, Aaron Hibbs (Sword Heaven, Rage Against the Cage)was going to walk around the U.S.A. to get in shape for his hula-hoopin' stunt around the world. Last week Aaron posted an interesting update on his excursions:

"So I had this whole plan... I paired down my belongs, said farewell to friends and family, and left for training to hoop around the world. It felt amazing... the spirit of the road was in me, I was connecting with new people and places... completely alive and free. Then my body did something it has never done in my life as a performer: it said no! My knees gave out. I rested them for two months then tried to get back to training with a walk from Atlanta to Florida. In the first few days my body did it again: no! I felt completely bummed, disappointed, sad, you name it! I headed back to my Sister's place for some deep contemplation. After a couple of weeks a door was opened to Sedona, Arizona by my dear friend Liz Armstrong. I walked through it and now find myself back on course. In time and place of deep healing, learning, and growth, I will get stronger! And I will continue with my work to express and expand joy, creativity, and inspiration everywhere I can. I totally love this life and I have the deepest love and gratitude for all of my friends and family. Let's stay connected and go even deeper with it. deeeeeep love."

Liz Armstrong's family has found a long-lost, soul-based family member and have quickly welcomed him to the family business, a raw restaurant and spiritual center. Congratulations Aaron! Noisebloid is excited to hear more!

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Anonymous said...

I knew it was only a matter of time untill that guy joined a cult.